Doomsday Heists are hard

"Doomsday Heist": Biggest and most spectacular online campaign for "GTA 5" so far

Fans of "GTA 5" may have waited in vain for a story expansion, but anyone looking for a crazy new campaign in the gangster world should be well served with the free "Doomsday Heist" that has just been released for "GTA Online". According to developer Rockstar Games, it is the biggest adventure to date for the multiplayer mode and leads up to four players together with jetpacks and flying cars in a sci-fi doom scenario.

The end is near

The Story: Billionaire entrepreneur Avon Hertz and his neural network Cliffford have come across evidence to show that wicked outside forces are working on a plan to wipe out life as we know it. Hacker Lester Crest hired to assemble a team to thwart the plans.

The starting point for the cinematic staged coup in three acts is a futuristic planning space that can be acquired via an underground base. Each of the three acts of the Heist, which together tell the story of the Doomsday Heist, includes equipment missions, tactical preparation missions, and experimental weapons and vehicles. Each act ends in a finale and brings a great reward. Some missions can involve competition for resources with other crews in Free Mode.

James Bond would be happy

To avert the end of the world, players access an arsenal of new weapons and gadgets. Among other things, there is access to the Khanjali tank and the Mammoth Thruster. According to Rockstar, you need enough firepower to take down a small army. By purchasing the underground base, you also have the option of having your own emergency team ready on call or of having an orbital cannon that is able to set fire to any spot on the earth's surface.

The central tool, however, is the Avenger, a helicopter like a flying fortress, which is at the same time an experimental weapons workshop in the sky and practically flies itself. All of these 007 dreams would be required to complete a series of challenges and eventually all three final missions. The latter also have targets for elite challenges for those who find the normal passage too easy. (between 12/13/2017)