How was the Gol Gappa Panipuri invented

Traveling Dippegucker

Ha, what a successful play on words ... "Indian curry sausage" ... 1 euro in the phrase box. Of course, Pani Puri has nothing to do with the German curry sausage far and wide, but when Kumar goes for a walk in Mumbai South and passes a Pani Puri seller, he can no more resist than Karl-Heinz from Dortmund Lütgendortmund when he arrives Helga's chip shop comes by.

In Mumbai and other Indian cities, the vendors for Pani Puri are actually part of the cityscape and no one is surprised anymore about the guys with the oversized plastic bags on their backs, filled with small hollow dough balls. Pani Puri consists mainly of air, the empty popped dough balls with a hole in the middle. Various delicacies can be stuffed into this hole and voilà, you have a finished pani puri. “Pani” is the watery filling and “Puri” is the crispy shell, “Indian” is that simple!

If a seller is no longer crawling around at the very bottom of the street food kitchen and can afford his own stand, it looks like this, note the sacks of ingredients:

Everyone is warning against eating anything undercooked in Asia, but I just had to do it. In Mumbai, the seller always served me the Pani Puris in bites until I got tired of it. Here, on the other hand, you buy 5 pieces and then sit down to eat.

The stuff is also served in restaurants, maybe it's not the Indian curry sausage, but their schnitzel, I don't know, but you just can't avoid the stuff.

As far as the story goes in the land of the curry experts. Once in Germany, of course, Kumar will no longer meet a Pani Puri seller anywhere. And for this purpose the Instant Pani Puri Package was invented, available at the trusted Indian general store. And this is how it works:

The package contains the hollow, baked balls, into which you only have to press a hole. Next to it is a bag of fried chickpeas. And the most important: two powders for the sauces. One is primarily green and tastes like cumin, mint and loads of other spices. The other is red and has a fine sweet and sour taste. What you should contribute yourself are chopped onions, mashed boiled potatoes, Moong Dal or whatever else comes to mind as a side dish.

Now you throw everything together, fill the balls and the taste explosion follows on the palate! Hot.