Can Yoga Help You Get Creative?

Creative with yoga - 5 tips from Werbedude

Today the international creative festival "Cannes Lions" starts on the Côte d’Azur, a mixture of lectures, parties and awards ceremony. Every year, the world's best ideas for ads, commercials, websites, etc. are awarded - this year I'm taking a close look at them for the first time.

You may think what you want of the advertising industry - anyone who is awarded a lion in Cannes is definitely a top creative person to be taken seriously. And they always ask for new ideas. In the 60s they were found after a drink in the early afternoon (Mad Men), in the 80s cocaine was more likely to help. Nowadays the average competitor is vegan and drinks his coffee exclusively from organic cultivation. In terms of creativity, he can also do without the unhealthy and, for example, help ideas with yoga:

1. Always keep moving.

The simplest basic rule: Even a little movement ensures that the circulation is stimulated and the blood transports more oxygen to the brain. So if you can't think of anything, quickly send a few sun greetings and the idea machine will run a little more smoothly again.

2. Change perspective.

Another well-tried trick: a problem that seems unsolvable suddenly looks completely different from a new perspective. Perhaps an inverted position like the headstand will help you see clearly again. Personally, I always get ahead mentally when I briefly change location, for example go outside for a few minutes and do a few standing forward bends there.

3. Concentration, please!

Experienced yogis know: one can learn the ability to concentrate. Because yoga is always also concentration, be it when practicing complicated asanas or when observing the breath. The trick with “generating ideas” is to let your thoughts turn freely without losing sight of the task at hand. And that leads us to the next point ...

4. Thoughts are free.

Too much doggedness doesn't get me any further creatively. The head must have room to think and be free from pressure and external influences. Sometimes my thoughts get ahead if I close my eyes for a few minutes and meditate. Or at least unwind a simple mantra ("Lass. Los.") In your head. Also helps with spontaneous outbursts of anger 😀

5. Nothing comes from nothing.

There are days when nothing works at all in yoga. The head does not want to calm down, the muscles weaken and there is no such thing as a sense of balance. And there are also days that are devoid of any creativity. Either way, you just can't do anything and that's exactly what I do. A special case is of course a really hot deadline, so I get creative help.

In Hinduism there is Sarasvati (सरस्वती), by the way, a separate goddess for creativity, wisdom and the arts (see cover picture). With this in mind: Namaste and have fun practicing creatively, I'll be on the beach.