How do I pluck my eyebrows properly

Plucking eyebrows properly: practical tips for perfectly shaped brows

Plucking eyebrows is still part of every woman's beauty routine. They are the frame that gives our face the optimal contour. Even the most beautiful eye make-up does not help with unkempt brows.

We'll tell you how to shape your eyebrows perfectly. And that brings us to the first keyword: Because not every eyebrow shape is suitable for every face and every type: Curved, Straight or High Arch? And then there are always new brow trends, from boy brows (growing eyebrows) to soap brows ...

Don't panic: we will help you to find the right eyebrow shape for your face and tell you how to shape your brows perfectly. That's a promise: With our practical tips, you don't have to be a professional to dare to pick up tweezers yourself.

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Plucking eyebrows: back to naturalness

Before you begin, take five minutes to look at yourself in the mirror. What do the brows look like? Are they narrow or full? Do they have a curve, a kink, or are they straight? The natural brow should always be the model. Because the times of tightly plucked eyebrows are over. Stars like Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins prove: natural eyebrows are trendy!

Plucking eyebrows: the right shape for your face shape

Oval, round, square, heart-shaped or long - there are different face shapes and thus different eyebrow shapes.

1. Oval face: Dense, defined brows with a gentle brow curve flatter the oval faces.

2. Round face: If you have a round face, you should leave it with the natural curve of the eyebrows and emphasize the brow arch. This makes the face appear narrower.

3. Angular face: Your face is angular? Then a square eyebrow is the right shape. The focus here should be on the high brow arch.

4. Heart-shaped face: Here you should go for a natural look with a browbone that is plucked as softly as possible.

Which eyebrow shape is the right one?

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Plucking eyebrows: the ideal proportion

With a simple trick you can find out the ideal shape of your eyebrows.

1. The ideal length: Hold a thin pencil vertically on the alar of the nose so that it crosses your eyebrows (picture on the right: yellow line). All hairs that are between the pin and the bridge of the nose should go away.

2. The perfect swing: Hold a thin pencil with the lower end to the nostrils (picture on the right: green line). The upper end of the pencil should be aligned in a straight line over the pupil so that the highest point of the brow is crossed in the extension. The crucial point is where the pencil meets the eyebrows: Here the brow arch should make a gentle bend and slope outwards.

3. One last time the pen trick: Hold the pencil on the alar of the nose and on the outer corner of the eye (picture on the right: blue line). The last hairs should be where it crosses the browbones. Anything outside of this point can go.

Plucking eyebrows: You should keep these 3 tips in mind

1. The right time: It's best to pluck your eyebrows immediately after showering! The heat expands the pores and the individual hairs can be removed more easily. In addition, the skin is then free of grease and the hairs can be easily gripped.

2. The right tweezers: Invest in good tweezers with an angled end. Nothing is more annoying than hairs that cannot be 'grabbed' properly or break off.

3. The right place: Always tug at the lower browline. So the result looks more natural and harmonious. Why? The top edge of your eyebrows follows a natural line that is ideal for your face. You should respect them. You can pluck one or the other annoying hair, but only if it is absolutely necessary.

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Pluck eyebrows without pain

With the right technique, the pain when plucking can be greatly reduced. To do this, tensions the skin between the fingers and pulls out the individual hair in the direction of growth. Pack the hair as close as possible to the hair follicle so that it does not break off.

1st tip: For those who are particularly sensitive to pain, we recommend cooling the plucked area with ice cubes.

2nd tip: The skin becomes irritated and reddened by the hair removal. Therefore, you'd better pluck your eyebrows a day or at least a few hours before you go out.

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Plucking eyebrows: the final touch

After plucking, you should brush your eyebrows back into shape. The best way to fill in bald spots is with an eyebrow pencil. Apply in small, stroking movements - this is how it looks natural.

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