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How you can benefit from reviews

How can I proactively use reviews in marketing? What should I consider when handling reviews correctly? But most importantly, what are the benefits of reviews? And what do my holiday guests get out of it? If you have often asked yourself these questions, then you should read carefully by now at the latest!

Reviews have a decisive influence on bookings

The long-awaited vacation should finally be planned and booked. Great expectations and individual ideas of the perfect accommodation need to be met. In addition to personal recommendations and the star rating, reviews on the Internet are one of the most important decision-making aids for travelers when choosing accommodation, which is also proven by the results of a trip planning from TripAdvisor (for the study). 83% of respondents said that reviews help them choose the right accommodation. 79% read at least 6-12 reviews of 4 to 10 accommodations before making a booking decision and half of those surveyed would not book any accommodations at all without first reading a guest opinion. This shows very clearly that dealing with reviews is really worthwhile, especially in the area of ​​private accommodation brokerage.

The trend of sharing opinions and experiences is unbroken

Reviews as a growth driver in the holiday home market

Because while hotels often already show a high degree of standardization, the market for holiday apartments and holiday homes is by nature very individual. No holiday home is like the other. Each domicile differs in terms of equipment and atmosphere and usually has the individual signature of the owner. In the past, guests were often only dependent on the personal descriptions of the landlord. That is why the trend of “sharing opinions and experiences”, which has been growing ever stronger in recent years, has become one of the most important growth drivers, especially in holiday home tourism. Not least because this increases security many times over when booking private holiday accommodation.

The good news for you: guest satisfaction and return rates are high! This is also shown by the ratings submitted on our portal: On average, the more than 40,000 submitted ratings receive 4.9 out of 5 stars. As a host, you should therefore always see guest reviews as an opportunity and deal with the topic in detail.

It doesn't always have to be 5 stars

In an authentic and credible overall picture of reviews, positive, neutral and negative reviews can be present, because everyone knows: tastes are different and it is almost impossible to please every guest. And no holidaymaker wants to read a manipulated, embellished review result - rather, the guest hopes to get unadulterated and honest experiences from other holidaymakers, which will make his booking decision easier.

An authentic overall picture can be ...

... contain positive as well as negative reviews


  • Stay away from self-written reviews. For this purpose, vacationers have a very sensitive antenna and often recognize it immediately.
  • Do not think in terms of good and bad reviews, because what you consider to be a bad review can have a positive effect on guests and lead to a booking.
  • Much more important is: You can actively influence your reviews and learn to deal with negative reviews in a professional manner. You will see: Your level-headed and thoughtful handling of negative reviews will help you to stand out from the crowd.

How do you deal with a negative review?

That it is not always that easy to deal with criticism is probably human nature. Especially since you as the owner have invested a lot of time and heart and soul in your holiday home and have thus established a close connection. Nevertheless, you should not take reviews personally and generally reject them.

The reasons for a negative evaluation can be diverse and sometimes also be perceived as unjustified. Especially since it can often be the little things that cause excitement and lead to a bad rating. For example, if the customer has arrived with the expectation of free internet access - even if you did not offer this with a single word in your description - this can be enough for the entire accommodation to be rejected. Sometimes it is actually only because the guest is looking for an outlet for his own frustration and does not want to admit his own mistake. Or you will be surprised by a negative review, even though the guest assured you on departure that everything was to his / her best satisfaction.

Don't close yourself to criticism ...

... and don't take them personally

Nobody likes to bow to criticism that is actually unjustified, but it is important not to be disturbed. Always show sovereignty and do not allow yourself to be carried away into ill-considered, angry reactions. Better to sleep over it first.

Always comment on reviews

We recommend that you respond quickly and competently to each individual review with a factual landlord comment. Regardless of whether the reviews are positive or negative, whether they are justified or unfounded criticism in your opinion. This shows that you read the review and take it seriously. In addition, you encourage future guests to write a review as well, because they can see that they will be heard.

Always stay friendly and objective. First of all, thank you for the feedback you gave and express your regret that the accommodation or service did not meet the guest's expectations. Make it clear that you always take criticism seriously, check it carefully and always incorporate it into your optimization efforts in order to continuously improve your offer.

Actively take care of reviews ...

... and respond professionally to criticism and praise

Avoid direct blame on guests and instead provide an objective explanation of why the criticized inconvenience arose. A personal conversation with the guest can also make a big difference and may lead to the guest reconsidering his or her point of view.

If the guest has expressed legitimate criticism, then regret "your mistake", apologize and express that you will take care of it. Perhaps you can even name specific measures that you have already taken based on the assessment. Insight with timely improvements also impresses future guests. Always show a conciliatory conclusion and end the comment on a positive note. Express your joy that the guest particularly liked the location, the surroundings or the large garden. You should definitely avoid endless discussions. Because as the saying goes: “The wiser gives in. And the last impression is crucial ”. In no case should you be offended, as this has a very chilling effect on potential guests.

Example of a successful landlord's comment

We would also be happy to give you the following advice: From our point of view, engaging a lawyer is not the right approach in most cases. It is expensive and usually does not lead to the desired goal. Often your money is invested much more sensibly in your holiday home. In the event of personal insults and clear violations of our terms of use, please feel free to contact us.

Actively solicit feedback from your guests

Actively encourage guests to submit reviews

The decisive factor, however, is not only the quality of the ratings and the associated comments, but also the number of ratings. Not only on our portal improves the ranking of your ad through a lot of reviews, search engines also love a lot of reviews.

Unfortunately, ratings do not fall from the sky. The rule is that guests only bother to give a rating for two important reasons: An enthusiastic guest obviously wants to express praise or a disappointed guest wants to get rid of his displeasure. As a rule, the vast majority will not answer by themselves. It is therefore advisable to actively encourage your guests to give a rating. Satisfied guests in particular will be more than happy to comply with this request, as they will give them the feeling that they and their opinion are valued. After all, it's the same with us: if we are asked for our opinion, doesn't it make us a little proud? It is precisely this effect that you should take advantage of and signal transparency, credibility and trust to the guests.

Because a lot of customer feedback shows that your property is in high demand. In addition, you can set yourself apart from your competitors by handling reviews professionally and thus gain a clear competitive advantage. You are welcome to use our “Request reviews” function in the landlord's area to ask recently departed guests for feedback via a personalized email. In this way you not only keep in contact with your guests, but also avoid negative reviews by taking a proactive approach.

Use guest reviews as an opportunity for optimization

We should perhaps also keep this aspect in mind from time to time: We may think that we offer an excellent holiday home and exceptional service - but that is of no use if our guests disagree. Reviews are in fact a free way to properly assess your offer. They show you what your guests are satisfied with and where there is still room for improvement.

See reviews as an opportunity

Therefore, you should really take your reviews to heart and reflect on the statements made. Are the beds really a little saggy? Or is the furnishings no longer entirely up to date? Often only a few steps are necessary to bring about a decisive improvement. In addition, information in reviews will provide you with insights into guest expectations, identify trends more quickly and perhaps learn how you can better meet them. A recurring reference to a lack of free WiFi is, for example, a clear sign that this is now part of the standard equipment in general guest expectations. If this is not the case for you, a corresponding, clear reference in the description of your advertisement can be sufficient to dispel false expectations in advance. In principle, you should always keep your description - whether in your advertisement with us or on your own website - up to date and ensure that all information is complete and correct.

And one last tip at the end: You are welcome to integrate our rating widget (to be found under seal in your landlord area) on your own homepage. This gives your guests an even better overview of your reviews on the Internet and you use them actively as a marketing tool.

... there is suitable accommodation

Stay calm at all times and always remember that there is a suitable lid for every pot and the right accommodation for every taste.


Do you still have any good advice on how to deal with negative reviews? Please write to us at [email protected] We look forward to every constructive contribution and thank you very much for your support.


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