Has anyone got a job through eLitmus?

What are the best fitness improvement websites?

If you are preparing for an MNC Company Written / Online Exam:

Eligibility questions and answers

Aptitude Questions And Answers is similar to the Indiabix site.

Practice proficiency tests | FREE online proficiency tests - FREE proficiency tests to practice for applicants and graduates for the oral and logical part



As you prepare for the TCS exam, the following websites will be very useful:

Campus Gate resources and information. (here you will find exactly the same questions that tcs online test has been repeating over and over again for so many years)



As you prepare for Amcat and Elitmus exams:


Home - ElitmusZone

Amcat placement papers

Awesome | Excel in math and science. (for cryptarithmetic problems ... these types of problems can be found in the Elitmus entrance exam)

http: //plainmath.in 

http://examentrance.com (for English grammar)

Wordpandit | Coming Soon (for vocabulary)


Indian Universities, Colleges, Courses, Careers, Schools, Exams, Jobs | Infinitecourses.com (for placement papers)

http://mettl.com (information on hiring several companies)

Jobs: Job Search in India, Government Jobs, Job Offers & Freshers Jobs Online (various interview experiences and extensive collection of previous year's reports from various companies)

eLearning platform for setting up your own online academy | WizIQ (find paid and unpaid resources for aptitude learning here)



Takshasila Canal


Rahul Catking