What should I wear with black pants?

7 looks with black pants that everyone wants to wear right now

Simple black trousers are a must-have in every wardrobe. Whether jeans or trousers, you can be sure that this piece of clothing will go with everything. However, the looks also run the risk of becoming boring. That's why we've picked out a few ideas on how you can combine your black pants and be right on trend. Because everyone wants to wear these styles!

# 1 Black pants and white boots

For a long time, white boots were considered an absolute fashion no-go. But they have been back for a few seasons - and the combinations are getting bolder and bolder. While they were initially hidden under pastel maxi skirts or blue mom jeans, fashionistas now wear them over black trousers. This contrast makes the white boots definitely noticeable - and the black pants look anything but boring.

And speaking of trousers and boot combinations: Another former fashion no-go is now popular: we can now combine black trousers and brown boots without a guilty conscience.

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We love crocodile print boots this season!

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# 2 All black look and white sneakers

Let's stick with white shoes. Another outfit with black pants that we have come across repeatedly on Instagram lately is the all black look paired with white sneakers. The white shoes break up the otherwise gloomy look and make the combination look less like Gothic and more like a casual outfit.

# 3 Black pants and statement belt

You can remember this style tip for all your trousers: With a cool statement belt, every outfit looks much more interesting. The belt with Gucci buckle is currently popular with fashion bloggers. However, if you don't want to spend 320 euros on a belt, you will also find plenty of cheap alternatives with a round buckle with cheaper providers:

# 4 Black pants and animal print

Animal print has become an integral part of the fashion world at the moment. Since the pieces with the leo, snake or zebra pattern are pretty eye-catching, it is a perfect compromise to combine them with simple black trousers. Since the color black can be found in many animal prints anyway, this look looks super harmonious.

# 5 Black pants and a light oversize blazer

Also popular with bloggers and fashion icons right now: oversize blazers. The longer and wider the better. The combination of a light blazer with tight black jeans is particularly popular.

If you don't want to wear the blazer open, you can combine it with a thin waist belt. In this combination, the styling classic of black trousers and white blouse becomes a real eye-catcher.

At H&M there is currently the perfect blazer for your look:

# 6 Black pants and band shirt

Band shirts are all the rage again this year. You can't go wrong with a pair of black pants. Fashionistas are increasingly not relying on black jeans, but on black culottes to get away from the old rocker image and make the shirts look even more fashionable.

# 7 denim on denim

Two different jeans tones don't work? But absolutely. This is proven by numerous looks on Instagram. The combination of blue denim jacket and black jeans is very popular and luckily we usually already have the matching pieces in the closet.

We hope that some of our black pants ideas gave you some inspiration. Or do you like a completely different combination? Tell us your favorite look with black pants here in the comments, on Facebook or Instagram.

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