What does an octopus symbolize

Dream symbol Octopus

When you hear the term "squid" you first think of the many arms that this inhabitant of the sea, living at a depth of more than 300m, has.

The octopus, squid and nautilus are also combined with the octopus. The largest of this genus is called the giant squid, whose tentacles are ten to twelve meters long and which is often confused with the eight-armed giant octopus.

On the one hand there is a kind of fascination with this marine animal and on the other hand the idea that this squid puts its tentacles around your neck is filled with fear and horror.

But what does the symbol of the octopus promise in the dream plot? What interpretations does dream research give him?

General dream interpretation

In general, the dream image of the octopus appears in your sleep when it comes to meeting someone important decision in real life. The dreamer has wriggled a little in front of it and wanted to buy time to avoid a confrontation with disagreements. But now is the time to face it. Whether this venture will succeed depends on whether the dreamer makes his decision consciously and to stand by it.

In connection with the symbol of the octopus, there are different situations in the dream that are interpreted differently:

If the body of the dreamer is sucked in by the octopus, this symbolizes that the person concerned lets himself be overcome by negative feelings in real life. He can quickly be intimidated and influenced by outside people or situations who confront him with negative things. He should practice robustness and sink more into his inner center in order to better withstand the external storm and thus get a clearer view of the respective situation.

If you see the squid in bright colors, which leave a poisonous impression, this serves as a warning symbol not to let yourself be dragged down by unconscious feelings. An emerging mental disharmony will be inevitable in this case.

If you see the squid pouring out its ink in the sea, this indicates, according to the general interpretation, that people around them are hiding truths.

Psychological dream interpretation

According to the classical psychological view, the octopus symbolizes in dream events Umbilical cord. This symbol represents the less well-rated qualities of the mother who wants to control and cannot let go. The octopus expresses to the person concerned that he unconsciously longs for nothing more than freedom and Independence.

The dream of the octopus thus reflects, analyzed psychologically, that the dreamer himself strives for the desire for complete control. He likes to influence his environment, trying to control everything and every detail should work according to his concepts. According to the motto: "Everything dances to my tune!"

Spiritual dream interpretation

Seen from a transcendent point of view, this sea creature serves as an invitation to acquire more spiritual perspectives through more effort, which lead to more clarity.