Who are the inventors of Auto Mobile

Who invented the automobile?

Today the car is the most important means of transport. Over 54 million vehicles are registered in Germany. This means that there is at least one car for every second inhabitant. But who invented the car? This is what Ben, 6 years old, would like to know.

This monument in Mannheim commemorates the first automobile in the world and its inventor Carl Benz.


Who is the inventor of the car?

Automobile comes from the Greek and means something like moving by itself. So it doesn't have to be pulled by horses, as was common in the 19th century. The basis for this is an engine. This was patented by Nikolaus August Otto in 1876. Its gasoline engine is powered by gasoline. This is repeatedly made to explode in a controlled manner. This moves the pistons up and down in the cylinder and drives a machine.

This efficient engine encouraged many engineers to develop a fuel-powered vehicle. That had been tried in vain decades earlier. After all, it was Carl Benz who patented his three-wheeled motor vehicle developed in Mannheim in 1886. This is the hour of birth of the automobile.

Other developments came out shortly afterwards. Gottlieb Daimler's motorized carriage with four wheels already gives an idea of ​​the direction in which automobile development should go. Unfortunately, Daimler was a little late because Carl Benz had applied for his patent first and is therefore considered to be the inventor of the automobile.

The beginnings of the car

Of course the first cars were still pretty leisurely on the road. Carl Benz's motor vehicle drove only 16 kilometers per hour. Nevertheless, the population was initially very skeptical because there were no traffic rules and therefore a number of accidents happened. It was a few decades before the cars could go into series production.

Remedy or problem?

In fact, automobiles were initially advertised as being particularly environmentally friendly because they didn't pollute the roads with horse manure. Today we know better. The exhaust gases from cars contain greenhouse gases such as CO2. These are responsible for the greenhouse effect and thus for the currently much-cited climate change.

But the automotive industry must also prepare for this. Today, for example, you can buy hybrid cars that combine gasoline and electric motors and therefore produce fewer emissions. There are also purely electric cars and solar vehicles that run on solar energy are already being developed.

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