How does the LocalBitcoins clone script work

Users from all over the world register in your app. You can transfer money to each other instantly. Here is a simple user journey for your understating:

  • John (U.S.) and Smith (France) are registered users in your Money Transfer app.
  • John wants to transfer $ 1000 to Smith.
  • John Logins to the app> Deposits $ 1000 in his account with his credit card. The fund appears in his wallet in the app.
  • Then he types in the cell phone number of the person he wants to send $ 1000 to. In this case, he enters Smith's cell phone number> Instant Smiths Profile> He selects it.
  • He enters the amount he wants to send ie. "$ 1000" and press the SEND key.

The $ 1000 will be converted into Cryptocurrency (Stellar XLM Coins)> Will be placed in Smith's wallet.

  • Smith receives notification of receipt of EURO 880, ie. $ 1000.
  • Smith clicks Withdraw> The cryptocurrency is converted into EURO and deposited in his account.

How can I earn money as an app owner?

There are 2 lucrative sources of income in this blockchain-supported money transfer app:

  • Fee for each transaction: In the admin control field you can set a percentage commission time as a fee for each transaction. When users transfer funds, this fee is automatically applied to each transaction. You make money.
  • Commission on Buy / Sell: When fiat money is converted into crypto-and-crypto back to fiat money, there is actually a BUY / SELL function in the backend. And you can set the buy / sell rate through the admin panel. Based on the profit margin you need, you can set the buy / sell rate in the backend.

Top 4 Reasons to Buy this Blockchain Powered Finance App Script:

  • Cross border / cross country money transfer has always been an unsolved problem. It already includes extensive documentation, costly transfer fees, time-consuming process, etc. Users will be more than happy to find your app, which solves all of the above problems and offers inexpensive, fast and hassle-free money transfer.
  • With cryptocurrency in the picture, the experts expect a boom like never before. This incredible and turnkey finance app can get you started a blockchain powered fintech business right away.
  • Toned on React Native, this powerful money transfer app comes with an incredible layout and design. It's available for iOS and Android. The backend takes place on the JS and Mongo DB nodes. For only $ 149 you can get the full source code of this incredible system with perfect documentation.
  • Every VC and every investor is looking for a blockchain FinTech idea that needs to be financed. People are funded just to come up with an idea. Use this pre-built software and show them a working MVP and get funded instantly!