When will the iPhone 6 be released?

iOS 13: How much longer will you be able to use the iPhone 6?

Updates are always exciting, but "old" models are systematically retired. Apple is particularly good at this. They bring a world-shattering new iPhone to market every year. But in order to maintain the purchasing power for the current models, the older ones will have to give way at some point. With iOS 13, which will be released in the fall, it hits the iPhone 6 this time around.

The 6 series came onto the market 5 years ago and now it is no longer supported by the operating system, while the direct successors (iPhone SE, 6S, and 6S Plus) are still allowed to ride the iOS 13 wave. But what does that mean for everyone whose iPhone 6 still works great?

Don't throw away your old cell phone!

Just because iOS 13 doesn't support your smartphone doesn't mean it has to be thrown away right away! If it works, it will continue to work great with iOS 12. Because that is not turned off by Apple - there is simply no update possible!

These problems could still arise:

The smartphone shop Orchard warns users of any security problems that could arise with the iPhone 6. Because with the new iOS, new security and privacy settings are to be introduced that do not apply to the old model. Therefore, those models that run with the old system could be attacked by hackers more often.

Also, not all apps will support iOS 12 forever. At some point you may no longer be able to use your favorite application because it simply no longer works on your mobile phone.

How long can I still use the iPhone 6?

But it is very likely that this will not happen until the end of 2020, if not 2021. Sure, there will be some outliers. But big providers like WhatsApp or Instagram don't really get much of it if they spoil their users too early.

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