What is an impenetrable defense

How can you create an impenetrable defense to survive a world war? [closed]

With the advent of nuclear weapons (and to a lesser extent poison gas weapons), building a fortress or a physically impenetrable defense has become impossible. If your enemy is ready to use nuclear weapons, you cannot build anything that can survive their attack. Even if your fortress somehow survived the first such attack, subsequent repeated nuclear attacks would eventually crack any defense. NORAD's Cheyenne Mountain facility can potentially survive a direct hit, but I'm sure it will have to handle more than one direct attack in the event of a nuclear war. It was designed to survive long enough to make sure none of its enemies survive at all, but it wasn't designed to actually survive as such a design is impossible.

There is only one solution that can guarantee survival on a hostile modern battlefield, and it is so close to madness that even its proponents shrink from its effects. This solution is the most aptly named directive MAD, which stands for Mutually Assured Destruction. When your enemy cannot attack you without receiving your retribution; and if your retribution promises to be so intense that no life on earth will survive it ...

Chances are they will never attack. They will find other peaceful ways to get what they want. The battlefield is moved to the boardroom and political / economic pressure is used rather than open conflict.

Let the best scientists in your country make a perfect biological weapon. A highly contagious, air-guaranteed killer with a symptom-free but contagious incubation period and no known cure. Then post enough videos of your human attempts so that no one in the world can doubt the existence or effectiveness of weapons, and end each video with your simple request ...

If you want this planet to live, leave my country alone!