Mosquito repellent tapes work

The new anti-mosquito beater from Xiaomi YouPin ... does it have a Mi-Band under control?

We have seen them in all shapes and sizes, the product of the summer and it was certainly only a matter of time before we saw an “advanced” model on the court. And now the time has come: Come on Xiaomi YouPin the new one arrives Anti-mosquito electric bat di Quality, an interesting solution at an affordable price with a mini display reminiscent of a Mi band: let's find out how it works!

The mosquito-repellent electric bat Xiaomi Qualitell imitates the Mi Band 6: functionality and price

in relation to QualityWe have already dealt with this brand several times (as in the case of the internship car bags). It is one of the partners of Lei Jun's house who is active on the company's crowdfunding platform and is dedicated to small accessories. Now that summer is approaching, the company has thought it appropriate to launch an interesting novelty: a mini racket with a display. But how does the new one work? Anti-mosquito electric bat di XiaomiYouPin?

The process is always the same, but with a few additions. The device measures 492.5 x 211.5 mm with a weight of 630 grams, is made of ABS and has an integrated battery 2,000 mAh (rechargeable via Type-C). The top has an electrified grid that wobbles a little every time a mosquito hits the surface. The bat also introduces an exercise purple LED lightable to attract insects; this in combination with the support on the wall turns the device into one Anti-mosquito lamp.

A button on the side for the ignition and a small display in the form of Mi Band: it is not a touch panel, but a mini color screen where you can see the percentage of the battery charge.

The new Anti-mosquito electric bat di Xiaomi YouPin, this time under brand Qualityis only available on the crowdfunding platform 11.5€ at the current exchange rate of 89 yuan. Of course we keep our fingers crossed and hope to see it before summer comes!

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