How do celebrities maintain their slim figure?

Fit and slim like the stars: the best fitness and nutrition tips

Slim like the stars, that would be something! Whether in a mini dress, on the red carpet or in a tight bikini in the tabloid press: celebrities like to flaunt their perfect bodies. And we try to console ourselves: Even the dream bodies of the stars are no coincidence. But how do the actresses, singers and it-girls manage to look so flawless in every situation? Quite simply: You can get advice from your personal coaches and diet specialists.

And what will become of mere mortals like us? Just because we don't live in Hollywood doesn't mean we can't look this great too. With the exercises and tips from our experts, Lydie Raisin, sports coach, and Nadine Ker Armel, nutrition specialist, you too can soon make a star appearance with a fantastic figure.

A firm bottom like Kylie Minogue

Super short, gold glitter shorts and some sexy hip movements too Spinning Around were enough to make Kylie Minogue's buttocks a myth. Well-trained, firm and feminine: Since the successful video clip, the buttocks of the Australian pop diva have been considered mercilessly perfect.

This is what the sports coach says:
You can enroll in specific aerobics or fitness classes (for abs, legs & bottom). And of course the stepper in the gym is also wonderfully suitable for exercising this body zone. But also fast walking (5 km / h) or jogging are ideal buttocks training!

Good as well: Swap the elevator for the stairs and vary your movements during the ascent: Start normally, then take 2 steps at a time without stepping on your heels and finally leave your heels completely in the air.

The top exercise for the buttocks:
The chair! "Sit" on an imaginary chair, leaning against a wall: Your back is pressed straight against the wall, your legs are at a 90 ° angle to the wall, your arms hang straight down next to your body. Hold this "sitting position" for one minute. Tense the muscles in the buttocks and thighs!

Start with 4-5 one-minute periods of sitting, 3 times a week.

This is what the nutrition specialist means:

If you want to get a firm bottom, you have to declare war on cellulite and the famous saddlebags. And that goes through diet. Hold back on sweets like cookies, ice cream, candies, chocolate, etc. Because sugar favors the storage of fats - and usually exactly where we least want them!

Avoid, if possible, saturated fats of animal origin (butter, cream, sausage, fatty meat ...). Even industrially produced foods (ready meals, biscuits ...) contain a lot of the unpleasant fats, but natural fat burners such as coffee (without sugar!), Mate or guarana can support fat loss.

A flat stomach like Gisèle Bündchen

Giséle Bündchen is perfectly rightly one of the highest paid models in the world at 37 years of age and as a mother of two. After all, who doesn't want abs like the Brazilian?

This is what the sports coach says:
It's not enough to just do ten sit-ups a day to get a flat, firm stomach. These targeted exercises are essential to strengthen the muscles (straight and oblique abdominal muscles) that hold the organs in place (this prevents the intestines from spreading and inflating the stomach). But unfortunately you won't melt the excess fat with it. To do this, the fitness program must be supplemented by cardio training with calorie-burning activities: cycling, dancing, volleyball or jogging.

The top exercise for the stomach:
Lie on your back and lift your straight legs closed at a right angle without stretching your toes. The flat soles of the feet point upwards, the arms are on the side and vertical to the body. Lifts the upper body slightly and fixes a point on the ceiling with your eyes to protect your neck and back. Stay in this position and pull your legs first to the right shoulder, then to the face, and finally to the left shoulder by tightening the abdominal muscles. Exhale as you exert yourself and inhale when you return to the starting position.

This exercise works the front and side abdominal muscles. Starts with two series of 30s 3 times a week.

This is what the nutrition specialist means:

The best way to get a flat stomach? Good digestion! That means: high-fiber but low-calorie foods such as vegetables. To avoid flatulence, grate the raw vegetables as finely as possible and give preference to soluble fiber (cooked vegetables and whole foods).

Also, avoid carbonated drinks and think of probiotic foods to aid digestion.

A sexy cleavage like Jessica Alba

It was published by the magazine in 2007 FHM voted Sexiest Woman of the World. Jessica Alba has every reason to be proud of her body! The actress was able to get us in Fantastic Four convince with a skin-tight one-piece of her perfect body, before she then flaunted her sexy curves in increasingly tight outfits.

This is what the sports coach says:
The secret to emphasizing your bosom is to maintain an upright posture! That means: back straight and shoulders back! You can immediately see the difference to a person who walks through life with a bent back. Sports such as crawl, classical dance or gymnastics or gymnastics are ideal for working on a correct posture in which the arms and shoulders should be pulled "backwards". However, sports such as aerobics, high jump and horse riding, which involve a lot of "jumping", should be avoided.

The top exercisefor the breast:
Bring the forearms together. Sit on the floor and stretch your arms forward, parallel to the floor. The forearms are bent at a 90 ° angle, the clenched fists point upwards. Keep your head and back straight. Now spread your bent arms and bring them back together so that the forearms touch in front of your face.

2 series of 20 movements each 3 times a week are ideal.

This is what the nutrition specialist means:
Lose weight, yes ... but not too much! You really have to be careful when dieting. When you lose weight, you often lose weight on your cheeks and bosom first. Reducing your calorie intake should by no means mean depriving your body of essential nutrients such as protein and fiber.

So take a protein product for lunch and dinner and 3 dairy products a day. Avoid all so-called miracle diets where you only consume soup or shakes. And above all: don't try to starve yourself slim! Because with these methods you remove water from the body - and thus inevitably also weight - but immediately after the diet, the lost kilos are reported back immediately.

A wasp waist like Dita von Teese

In order to keep her sexy pin-up figure, Dita von Teese takes special care of her wasp waist. With or without a corset: The Betty Boop curves of the sex icon are sure to heat up the mind for a long time.

This is what the sports coach says:
This area of ​​the body is not so easy to refine. Sports with forward bending and rotating movements such as dancing (especially classical ballet) and gymnastics or gymnastics are ideal. Of course, some cardio training is also called for, because it always guarantees a certain amount of energy consumption - and thus fat loss.

The top exercise for a wasp waist:
Twists! Sit on a swivel chair, block your pelvis and stretch your arms forward parallel to the floor. Now turn your upper body by aiming your eyes at one point on the right and one on the left. Carry out more and more rotating movements by fixing two points that are increasingly distant with your eyes.

30 turns 3 times a week.

This is what the nutrition specialist means:

It is not easy to use diet to support a slim waistline. But if you avoid alcohol, processed foods, and fatty and fermented dishes, it can certainly have its effects. Avoid cooked fats, sauces and ready-made meals as much as possible!

As few processed products as possible are good: raw vegetables, steamed vegetables, fish, poultry skewers, yoghurt and fruit salad can be on the menu every day.

Slim legs like Eva Longoria

Who says that you have to be six feet to have the most beautiful legs in Hollywood? The tiny one Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria got that flattering title from US magazine Life & Style awarded. So take courage!

This is what the sports coach says:
The secret of beautiful legs? Walk as much as possible, ideally with 3.5 cm high heels. Walk on tiptoe at home, putting your weight on your toes as much as possible. That drives the blood circulation. To further support this, you should also regularly treat yourself to lymphatic drainage (by hand) and get into the habit of sleeping with your legs slightly raised. Dance moves are ideal, as are bar exercises.

The top exercise for slim legs:
Throw legs in the air! Stand on one leg with your back straight, your pelvis slightly forward so as not to arch your back, and "throw" the other leg straight forward, on your side and backwards. Repeat the exercise with the other leg. 30 movements per side 2 times a week.

This is what the nutrition specialist means:

It may not be easy, but by no means impossible, to declare war on cellulite and water retention. What is important: stimulate blood circulation in the veins. How it works: Salt dishes as little as possible and avoid salty foods such as sausage, cheese, chips, etc.

Detoxifying products such as green tea, parsley, asparagus, fennel or red vine leaves also support the dehydration process!

Tight arms like Jennifer Aniston

The unforgettable Rachel from the series Friends Can't go even at almost 50 years of age. She proves this at every VIP appearance with her top figure.

This is what the sports coach says:
In order to expel fat from the arms or to shape slack arms, the muscles need to be strengthened - which in turn tighten the skin. But be careful: Don't overdo it if you don't want to have muscle packs like a bodybuilder on your arms and shoulders like a movers! Sports that train the triceps are good: tennis, squash, swimming, rowing or traditional gymnastics

The top exercise for tight arms:
Retropulsions or ladies push-ups. It's easy and you don't risk injuring your back. Sit on the floor with your legs slightly apart and half bent. Lean back by leaning on your bent arms (forearms and palms on the floor). Now raises and lowers the pelvis. The arms should work - not the rest of the body. Three sequences of 15 up and down movements each morning!

This is what the nutrition specialist means:

Proteins galore! The strength and elasticity of the muscles depend on an adequate intake of protein. That means: yes, lean meat (red or white), eggs and fish - as long as they are not fried in oil! Also think of lean dairy products and legumes like lentils and broad beans. Also, drink enough water, as proteins tire kidney function.

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