Why do I never get sick?

"I am almost never sick otherwise"

You fell ill with corona a good three weeks ago. What symptoms did you have?

It started with a severe headache. They were very different from the pain I have experienced from a migraine. The whole head hurt extremely badly, Medication didn't help. Then there was a scratchy throat and severe tiredness. There were cold symptoms such as cough, sore throat and a stuffy nose.

It was different every day.

One day I got better and I thought I would be fine soon. The next day came back all symptoms together, and I felt very bad again. After a week or so I lost my sense of taste and smell.

Did these senses come back?

Yes, after a week. Then I woke up and took in all the smells again: deodorant, perfume, food ... It came back - as quickly as it had gone.

Were the symptoms stronger than normal flu?

I don't know because I've never had the flu.

So you have a strong immune system ...

Yes, I am almost never sick, just a little bit of cold sometimes. I also adhered to the protective measures, only went out of the house to work and shop. The fatigue was extreme, which I had never seen before. I think it came because my body had to fight the virus.

Many Covid 19 sufferers report shortness of breath. They almost collapse when they have to climb a few stairs ...

That's what happened to me during the ten-day quarantine. After that, I was symptom-free for two days and went back to work. The second day came to work all the symptoms again - also the tiredness and shortness of breath.

Now I'm doing pretty well again. I'm on about 80 percent.

I want to be back with you soon short training sequences improve - but for the time being certainly not to the extent that I did sports before.

Many think: Corona is only bad for the elderly and the sick - for those who will die one way or another soon. What do you have to say to these people?

I think Corona is very underestimated, especially by the young. I think they should take it seriously because it can affect anyone. The Gradients are very differentwhether young or old. You don't know how it will come out.

Before you fell ill, you worked with a protective suit, mask and goggles. How did the residents react?

I believe that the seriously ill residents attach little importance to it. Other things are important to you. In the beginning it was fine for her strangebecause they could no longer see our faces and our facial expressions. Over time, they got used to it.

How was the course of the residents suffering from Corona?

Very different. Most of them had symptoms such as fever and cough ... we don't know that much about the rest because the residents can no longer tell us how they are.

We noticed a low level of oxygen saturation, so we gave some of them oxygen.

The focus was on palliation; residents with severe Covid-19 courses were given morphine, among other things, to relieve pain, shortness of breath and anxiety.

Have many died of Corona?

There have been deaths. But it is not clear whether they died because of or with Corona. The residents of our care oasis usually suffer from other illnesses as well.

How is the mood in your team?

The protective clothing is a strain on your nerves. We sweat extremely, because of the mask we get less air. Otherwise the mood is quite good, my colleagues are helpful, we support each other.

When will you go back to work?

On Wednesday. After almost three and a half weeks at home, the ceiling falls on my head. I know that many colleagues are sick. Now I want the team again support and me for the residents To take care of.

You will care for residents who test positive. Are you scared?

Not really. I think I've now made antibodies against the virus. And if I got infected again, it would be mine Body prepared. The course would then be milder. There is not much more I can do than comply with the protective measures.

You can hear from various institutions that individual nurses refuse to go to work. You are afraid of being infected. What do you think about it?

We have a duty of care. I think our residents are dependent on us, we should do the best we can for them. Especially in these difficult times, we have to do our work as best we can. It wouldn't be an option for me.

Many people do not adhere to the protective measures. They say Corona is no worse than the flu, and measures like the mask would not help. What do you have to say to these people?

I find it disrespectful to those people who are seriously ill or have died. You should hers Change behavior and help reduce the number of cases and reduce the number of people infected.

Last weekend there were again some demonstrations of corona deniers and harmless people. In Lachen on Lake Zurich, 1000 people demonstrated tightly packed and without masks ...

I can not comprehend that. We are spoiled and have it all. We're not going to die because there are no parties for a year.

These protesters should go to an intensive care unit so they can see the consequences of Corona.

I don't think it's okay with the people who have died and with the carers who now have to work under great pressure. We can only do it together.