What does ESR mean in real estate

General information about the QR-bill


The QR-bill replaces the conventional payment slips.


As part of the harmonization of payment transactions to the ISO 20022 standard, the QR-bill will be introduced from June 30, 2020. From this date onwards, all participants in payment transactions must be able to receive QR bills and use them to make a transfer. The QR-bill offers numerous advantages over conventional payment slips:


  • With the QR-bill there is only one single, uniform invoice format
  • The information on the QR-bill is used consistently from the biller to the payee
  • Payment transactions take place without media breaks
  • The QR-bill can be printed on white standard paper without a pre-printed form *
  • The QR-bill is valid as a PDF
  • Additional information such as the VAT number, payment terms, invoice number, order number or other references for automated coordination with accounting can be stored in a structured manner in the QR code

* Perforated, white paper is only required for deposits at the counter. This is available from your bank or in popular online shops for printing paper.




Until when are the red and orange payment slips still valid?

During a transition phase, the current red and orange payment slips and the payment part can be used in parallel. The Swiss financial center has not yet set an end date for the use of red and orange payment slips.


Do I also need preprinted forms for the QR-bill?

Forms are no longer necessary. The QR code can be printed directly on the invoice on white paper using a conventional printer or enclosed separately with the invoice. Of course, the QR code is also valid on an email invoice in PDF format.


From which software version can I receive and send QR bills?

  • Rimo R4:
    From version 4.4.5 (release currently available) QR bills can be sent and received.
  • ImmoTop:
    With version 4.82, released in June 2020, QR bills can be received and processed with the accounts payable module. It is expected that it will be possible to print payment slips with QR codes from December 2021. Since there is not yet an end-of-life date for the previous orange ISR, these can be printed as before and continue to be used.
  • ImmoTop2:
    From version 2.3 (release hotfix June 2020) QR-bills can be received. From version 2.5 (release November 2021) QR-bills can be sent.

Does my current ESR reader also work for QR bills?

Please check the QR functionality directly with the manufacturer of your current reader. In most cases you will need a new device that can read conventional ESR and ES as well as QR bills.


I read my invoices into the DMS: What do I have to do so that QR bills can also be read in?

  • Rimo R4:
    From version 4.4.5 (release currently available), QR bills can be technically received via the DMS interface. In order for a QR-bill to be read out by the DMS in the same way as an ESR bill, this also requires adjustments on the part of the DMS supplier. Please contact your DMS partner directly.
  • ImmoTop:
    From version 4.82 (June 2020 release) QR-bills can also be received with DocuWare.