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Fan culture

Episode 174 - Weed and Beer meets AT (2)

23.05.2021 00:31:14

It continues with Mika and me with weed and beer ... ;-) First we talk about D. Hopp and the difference between clubs from the years 1899 and 1904 ... Half-day jobs for professionals? Ossis in the disco? Schalke underground? Later we also deal with derby victories after the 2nd or 3rd half and the respect among old hools. Finally, we are also discussing English football fans - a broad field, you could say! More parts will follow!

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# 06 - import, export

23.05.2021 01:08:13

Tachchen and Gude on the sixth episode of "Dies, das, Casuals." - Podcasts with Amon and Fiete - your therapy class for shopaholics. Import, export !? No, this is by no means about any dubious additional income with which Fiete earns a decent extra income, but about insights into German retail. We invited none other than Jerome aka @spreeathen, Store Manager at @thesmartdresser, who chats from behind the scenes. In addition to crazy anecdotes, you can look forward to impressions from everyday life as an employee of a German casual store - and much more. Be curious! Major Samm: https://youtube.com/user/MajorSamm Brewery Flügge: https://brauerei-fluegge.de Book "Hooligans": https://www.werkstatt-verlag.de/isbn/9783730703540/hooligans From now on a new episode appears every second Sunday. If you don't want to miss this, follow us on Instagram, activate the bell and subscribe to the podcast on a platform of your choice. You can find all the information at: https://rittenr.ee/diesdascasuals We look forward to your feedback, your suggestions and one or the other of you as an interview guest in the future. Cheers, we hear each other!

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The football podcast week 37

23.05.2021 00:09:22

This week is about fan scenes in amateur football, the fan career of an older Rot-Weiss Essen fan who has been in the ultra scene since then, and the latest from BSG Chemie Leipzig

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# 69 - Make a Wish (Part 3)

23.05.2021 00:49:17

Here we are again with another episode of "Make a wish". Today even with completely new sound equipment. Gay therefore enjoys the unbelievably good sound of Jojo and the Profcast. We slip into hot fan curves in our fictional football world and do difficult stadium jobs on the side. There is something for everyone. This profcast is the little man's sunshine

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# 124 / December 2015

21.05.2021 00:11:21

Santa Clauses made Rabatz, Carsi members in court, 20kg Pyro in the garbage can. This episode is about these and other topics. Enjoy listening! Participating clubs / groups: Eintracht Braunschweig, Assalto Comando, Hansa Rostock, Blau-Weiße Hilfe, RB Leipzig, 1860 Munich, Werder Bremen, Ludwigsparkstadion, Virage Est, 1.FC Saarbrücken, Legio Augusta, Jahn Regensburg, Fortuna Cologne, VfL Osnabrück, Rot-Weiss Essen, Alemannia Altdöbern, SV Grossräschen, Legio Noviomagnum, NEC Nijmegen, Union Berlin, 1. FC Nuremberg, Bayern Munich, Valentin, Spvgg Fürth, 1. FC Magdeburg, Block U, DFL, Borussia Mönchengladbach, FPMG Supporters Club, Max-Morlock Stadium, Besiktas Istanbul, Carsi, fan culture

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21.05.2021 01:27:32

I met up with my long-time companion Schilli for a conversation with old men, to talk to him about his first visit to Hafenstrasse, how he came to Ultra and why he continues on this path to this day. We also talk about the rivalry with Fortuna from Düsseldorf as well as one of the biggest robbery and vandalism incidents of the last 50 years. Have fun!

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# 38 - Local Patriotism

21.05.2021 01:07:05

Moin leeve Lütt, episode 36 is about local patriotism. Together with Dr. I sat down Pill Scholz and we reflected on our local patriotism. First the pill is introduced and we discuss our first meeting. The phrase, are you civilian? Also happens again, hurray! Is local patriotism negative per se? What are the positive sides about it? Are there any? We answer all of these questions in the podcast. In addition, it should become a whole series. See this as the first part of the Bremen series.

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Erwin Kostedde

21.05.2021 01:19:30

Today Erwin Kostedde is 75 years old. Congratulations! Alexander Heflik, whose book about the first non-white German national player has just been published, is a guest on the podcast. We talk about Kostedde's career, how he experienced racism, the difficult time after his career. Everything also a lot of contemporary history. Enjoy listening! Here you can find the biography that was published by the colleagues from Werkstatt Verlag: https://www.werkstatt-verlag.de/isbn/9783730705735/erwin-kostedde

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# 21 Broken Dixis

20.05.2021 00:41:05

The wild ride continues through the risk area. Allemann are anything but sober and yet the 2nd division of Switzerland has to be filled. You will find out why half of the tour group got a cold shower and why a Dixiklo was bombed in the middle of the night after 2kg fish fingers, as well as the football-based Dreierleckerbisli on Saturday. Youth soccer with rabble parents, Panorma-Porn and a control from the military. Oh yes, and how we get back from the risk area to the new risk, just listen to it.

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# 50 viewers in Luxembourg

19.05.2021 00:18:13

Since October 28th, 2020 I've been able to attend 3 ghost games, but without fans it's only half as nice. On May 16, 2021 a colleague from Saarbrücken and I went to the game US Mondorf against FC Wiltz and were allowed to go to the Stade John Grün with 250 spectators. Do you need a negative test, how many spectators are allowed and is there beer in the stadium? Listen in.

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Episode 173 - Weed and Beer meets AT (1)

19.05.2021 00:30:35

The young podcast colleague Mika from "Weed und Bier" (to be found on Youtube) simply wrote to me on Instagram asking if I would like to answer his questions. After a bit of sniffing via text and voice messages, we met and had a very entertaining conversation! Here you will find the first part, more episodes will follow ... ;-) We talk about my youth in the stadium and also today - listen to it!

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Away driver / episode # 8 with Eva-Lotta / DSC Arminia Bielefeld

19.05.2021 01:06:45

In this episode, the conversation with Eva-Lotta is about how she grew up with Arminia Bielefeld and in what sense this association has shaped her. Topics are also women in the curves and what it means to represent a political stance in football and to live it.

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1899FM - Episode 53 - The plumbers Rapid Wien introduce themselves - In conversation with Robert and Harry

19.05.2021 01:47:56

With the plumbers Rapid Wien, a slightly different fan club introduces itself. Almost all members are not only all-rounders and ground hoppers, but also big and long-time Rapid fans. Robert and Harry tell the story from becoming a fan to traveling with Rapid and adventures at major tournaments such as the European Championship, World Cup or Africa Cup. In addition, we chat about the history of a banner that is particularly well-known at the European Cup away games and how the long untitled time is dealt with.

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# 83 - bomb fries

19.05.2021 00:57:35

When the world around you falls into chaos, only one thing helps: stay calm and carry on. Some eat their fries in the hail of bombs in Tel Aviv, others record a podcast episode in a similar stressful situation. The result produced between the door and the hinge is called “The way is the game - episode 83” and, in addition to the processing of the previous episode, deals with the intense promotion ceremony in Dresden, the CL final in Portugal and ten stadium insider tips for the restart. A top 100 of the oldest wooden grandstands in Germany will soon follow suit. Have fun listening.

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E07 | "Twice to the moon and back"

18.05.2021 01:47:19

Hopp-Hard with Ingo. Mark had the great pleasure of talking to a long-time friend and companion about ground hopping. Like almost all of the people we spoke to so far, Ingo is a member of the first ultra generation. Ingo aka "Der Verleger" will probably still be known to the older semester as the maker of the "Hopp-Hard" fanzine. The good man belongs to a rare type of Groundhopper, namely those who have fun on their travels and are always interested in the culture of the country they are traveling to. Ingo has already circled the globe 20 times calculated in air miles, visited around 1,500 football grounds and 99 country points on the credit side. Ingo tells us how he got into ground hopping, how the initial tours with the 9-seater bus changed to all the cheap flyers and introduces us to the different characters of the groundhopper species. Of course, you can expect one or two sideways glances in our episode 07, which, as always, is commented on in a very charming way. But now have fun with the new episode of Casual Madness, the Sapeur podcast - One Step Beyond. ___ Links NOFB.de (shop for fanzines, magazines and football books) Futbology (Groundhopping) App European Football Weekends in Facebook

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# 123 / November 2015

18.05.2021 00:17:05

Terrorist attack in Paris, international match canceled in Hanover after threat of attack and a fan had to read a book. This episode is about these and other topics! Associated clubs / groups etc .: 1.FC Magdeburg, Fanhilfe Magdeburg, Slask Wroclaw, Hansa Rostock, Fanszene Rostock eV, Fortuna Cologne, Hallesche FC, Red-Black Aid Nuremberg, Resistant, Prussia Munster, Borussia Dortmund, South Stand Dortmund, FC Schalke 04, Ultras Gelsenkirchen, FC Ingolstadt, blue-white-red help, 1.FC Saarbrücken, Virage Est, Bonner SC, Bonnanza, Ultra St. Pauli, Dynamo Dresden, Werder Bremen, Valentin, Bayer Leverkusen, north curve 12, Aston Villa, Brigade 1874, Ultras Dynamo, Dynamo Dresden, Rot-Weiß Oberhausen, Emscherkurve, 1860 Munich, Federal Working Group of Fan Projects, BAG, Austria Salzburg, DFB, international match, national team, Iron Aid, Union Berlin, Soul City Ultras, Fortuna Düsseldorf, KFC Uerdingen, Ultras Krefeld, Thousand Friends Forum, Max Morlock Stadium, 1. FC Nuremberg, Rot-Weiss Essen, Pfalz Inferno, fan culture

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43. - No surrender! Rangers and HSV

18.05.2021 00:40:10

In today's episode, I spoke to a HSV fan about the longstanding friendship between Hamburger SV and Glasgow Rangers. We look at the origins, which go back to the seventies, talk about the old firm before the turn of the millennium and discuss the sporting descent into the fourth division. One of the highlights is certainly the 2008 Europa League Final, which attracted 200,000 (!) Rangers to Manchester. Have fun listening.

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Episode 26 Children from the Waldschlösschen

16.05.2021 01:07:18

Stories from. We rummage through our memories and unpack, sometimes more sometimes less detailed, stories from the good old days at the winter semester. Have fun!

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16.05.2021 00:22:50

In the podcast we talk to Adam about the situation of football fans in Israel in recent months. For a short time now, the games have been taking place at full capacity and the fan curves shine in their usual splendor. We talk about the vaccination certificate, the ban on choreography at the Maccabi Tel Aviv - Maccabi Haifa game and about new measures by the authorities to restrict football fans. We also take a look at the unrest in the country that is also affecting football. Have fun listening.

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Episode 172 - Bushwhackers (3) - The hool gangs of the 80s and 90s

16.05.2021 00:28:29

Things are going well in Düsseldorf, even when the Schalke are in town. If you pull a gun and it falls apart in your hand, it gets strange ... :-) We then travel to Dresden and Bielefeld, look at the old Rheinstadion, and then land in Lens to steal> EM '84 ... And we also run around Düsseldorf Central Station in 1988 ...

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The football podcast week 36

16.05.2021 00:10:11

In the football podcast week we hear an interview with Transfermarkt.de, take a look at the ice hockey fan scene in Munich and at the end of the day we put the podcast format "Come on, whistle!" in front.

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# 68 - Uganda

16.05.2021 00:49:43

Welcome to Uganda, welcome to one of the poorest countries in the world. In this episode, Jojo and the professor review their impressions from there. It is never easy for a landlocked country, especially not in West Africa. The local people are still very welcoming, even if they can't really show it to any tourists. There are hardly any in Uganda. Maybe this is due to the road conditions in Kampala. If the ball rolls anyway, then everyone involved is satisfied.

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# 122 / October 2015

14.05.2021 00:18:46

65 years Torcida Split, 20 years Fantastic Supporters, Brigade Hartmut Strampe. This episode deals with these three and other topics. Enjoy listening! Participating clubs / groups etc .: Benfica Lisbon, Central Information Office for Sports Operations, ZIS, Ralf Jäger, Darmstadt 98, Böllenfalltor, Borussia Dortmund, PAOK Saloniki, Desperados, Schalke 04, Ultras Gelsenkirchen, UGE, Hogesa, Liverpool FC, 1.FC Nuremberg, UEFA, FIFA, DFB, Beitar Jerusalem, La Familia, Hapoel Tel Aviv, Jahn Regensburg, St. Etienne, Olympique Lyon, Pro Fans, Our Curve, Queer Football Fan Clubs, Women in Soccer, VfL Bochum, Fantastic Supporters, FC United of Manchester , Borussia Fulda, Rot Weisse Hilfe Kaiserslautern, FC Bayern Munich, Arsenal London, Arminia Bielefeld, Werder Bremen, Wilko Zicht, schwatzgelb.de, Südkurve Munich, Torcida Split, Valentin, fan culture

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# 20 Full in the risk area

13.05.2021 00:41:47

We are in the middle of the 2nd Corona wave. October 2020. The RKI reports from one risk area after the other and in Germany too, Lustig is slowly coming to an end. But where there is a gray area, there is a hopper. So we're going to tell you about our last tour abroad in 2020. Lots of booze and at least 3 countries. Why we have "devastated" cities and apartments again and why a credit card really warms up the booze, you will find out how the supposedly best kebab in Germany actually tastes. Ground hopping? Well, logo, in Part 1 you can expect an absolute TOP Ground, as well as a very curious ice hockey game in richyrich Zurich. Otherwise we are still talking about weapons in football and a real TOP Ground.

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HRF 118 | About working as a sports journalist

13.05.2021 00:52:30

Sports journalist Laurenz Schreiner is a guest in the 118th episode. Together with David Joram, he did research for Buzzfeed News and the Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung “Foreigner Quota” at Union Berlin? Serious allegations of discrimination against Bundesliga clubs. "Worked. Research that interests me very much, because how does investigative journalism work in football? What does research look like? What compromises do you have to make? How do you protect witnesses and ultimately ... how does he rate it his own results? What lessons did he take with him?

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Once Dortmund, always Dortmund

13.05.2021 01:35:14

Thomas has been a BVB fan since the 1971/72 relegation season. Enough time for numerous amusing anecdotes about yellow color at the Park Stadium, waiting for the UEFA Cup final tickets at night, passport control in Scotland, wheelchair use for a cup final ...

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Black clouds but no rain

12.05.2021 00:58:18

A defeat that should never happen, almost relegated Lübeck wins, unfortunately, well deserved 0: 2. We talk about the sometimes shockingly poor performance, the current situation, our ultras and fans, the game in Saarbrücken and the points our women won in Leverkusen

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# 82 - sucking off train station toilets!

12.05.2021 01:02:34

Put the fresh egg waffles in the ground hopping backpack - it will start again soon. Tim and Schlü give important tips on freedom of travel, talk about Derrick Müller-Hohenstein and rave about yellow bags in Poland. In addition, lower-class ground pearls are sought throughout Germany. Feedback is mandatory!

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# 121 / September 2015

11.05.2021 00:17:31

Refugees Welcome, BILD not welcome, charges against Valentin. This episode is about these and other topics. Enjoy listening! Participating clubs / groups, etc .: Borussia Dortmund, Schalke 04, SC Paderborn, Black-Blue Fighters, Union Berlin, Hamburger SV, FC St. Pauli, Werder Bremen, FC Bayern Munich, 1860 Munich, Bayer Leverkusen, Schalker Fan Club Association, Prussia Munster, VfL Osnabrück, Rot-Weiss Essen, Ultras Essen, Vandalz, Rude Fans, Nortshide Crew, VfL Wolfsburg, Dynamo Dresden, SV Darmstadt 98, Rot-Weiß Oberhausen, Hogesa, Borussia Mönchengladbach, 1.FC Cologne, Ultras Frankfurt, Förderkreis Nordtribüne eV, No to RB, Our Curve, Fortuna Düsseldorf, Ultras Düsseldorf, Supporters Club, SC Freiburg, Dreisamstadion, VfL Bochum, Kein Zwanni, TSG Hoffenheim, 1. FC Nuremberg, Mainzer Fanhilfe, Karlsruher SC, Randale-Euro, FC Augsburg, Legio Augusta, Rot-Schwarze Hilfe Nürnberg, Viola Fanatics, Austria Vienna, Sparta Prague, fan culture

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42nd - European Cup with Hamburger SV Part 2

11.05.2021 00:41:46

The second part of the interview with Hamburg Ultras begins with the ultimate travel highlight. In 2003 HSV made a guest appearance at the Ukrainian representative Dnjepr Dnjepropetrovsk and the stories couldn't be more adventurous. We talk about the favorite drinks of the ex-president Bernd Hoffmann, an interesting alternative program to the DSF one-two and about "binge drinking" in Prague with a difference. Have fun listening.

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# 120 | Homeless in paradise

10.05.2021 01:26:52

Podcast with Robert from the Block-B fan club, who supported the FF USV Jena for many years and has now discontinued support under the new name "FC Carl Zeiss Jena"

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Episode 30 RB Leipzig, the season and the wonder that is Edin Terzic with Bundesliga Presenter Abel Meszaros Sport 1 TV Hungary, Talking Fußball, Bundesliga Fanatic ...

10.05.2021 00:00:00

Thank you for your interest in the BvB London fan community podcast as every week the focus of the show will be on exploring a facet of Borussia Dortmund's life by talking to experts and former participants of the club's life. People like players, fans and journalists who have covered the club and decision-makers and experts who know the world of all our club well. The aim of the podcast is to make this wonderful football club more accessible to non-German speakers. The podcast may also be of interest to German football fans who want to learn or practice English. Guest today is Abel Meszaros, Abel is a journalist and TV analyst with Hungary's Sport 1 TV, he is also a long-time panellist on Talking Football and The Yellow Wall podcasts. Abel also writes for France Football and Spielverlagerung and is a life-long fan of BVB. On tonight's show, Ben and Abel review the 20-21 season. The club has been through a real roller coaster of a season the likes of which we have not seen since 17-18, under Austrian interim coach Peter Stöger who took over from the sacked Peter Bosz, when 'Die Schwarz-Gelben' finished in an impressive Champions League qualifying 4th place. 1. A third season under Swiss coach Lucien Favre after narrowly missing out on the title by 2 points in an impressive 18-19 but 16 points in 19-20. What is the club's trust in Favre the right move? 2. Impressive results but conceding stupid numbers of goals, why issues with set pieces are still the issue and the backline is still the issue but do BVB have talent in the back-line to come how much of an issue is Nico Schulz really? 3. The DFB Pokal campaign this season did we overachieve? Paderborn proves a bigger threat than expected and taking it to new coach Marco Rose's "Gladbach plus a preview of RB Leipzig and the semifinal. 4. Former assistant Edin Terzic takes over from Favre midseason coming from only having experience of being an assistant with Besiktas and West Ham United. How good has Terzic really done? Is Edin destined for greater things? 5. Are BVB still the number 2 team in the Bundesliga or have the scales shifted toward RB Leipzig at least this season? 6. What positions should BVB be focussing on in the summer, can we hold on to Haaland and Sancho the dynamic duo and initial thoughts on what Marco Rose might bring. 7. Predictions for the league finish and the DFB Pokal. Abel Meszaros can be found on social media at [email protected] We hope you enjoy the show, remember to send us your comments, share the show with friends and to apply for tickets contact the club via the website which is borussiadortmundlondon.co.uk or join the London BvB communit y at our online group at Facebook.com/borussiadortmundfanclubengland. During the season you can also come to watch a game at our meet-up Stammtisch at the Naughty Bar, just off Oxford Street, in Cleveland street central London. All rights reserved Borussia Dortmund London Ltd 2020.

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HRF 117 | Protests in Manchester

10.05.2021 01:36:36

For a change, we'll be up to date. The reason for this are the protests at Manchester United. There has been a lot to read and hear about in the last few days, but there was actually no real classification. The videos raise many questions. I invited the journalist Matt Ford to do this. He is British himself, a United fan and the right guest for this issue.

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Black and white these are the colors ... (5) FAW

09.05.2021 00:53:38

Today we talk to Mike and Meini about the history and work of the Wattenscheid fan department, FAW for short. It's about wild bus rides, tournaments, social projects and much more. But just listen for yourself.

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Black and white these are the colors ... (3) Scene WAT

09.05.2021 01:13:50

In the third episode we talk to Daniel and Sven. Both were members of SZENE WAT, from its founding to its dissolution. It will be stylish and level.

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Episode 171 - Bushwhackers (2) - The hool gangs of the 80s and 90s

09.05.2021 00:35:05

It continues with the hooligans from Düsseldorf: In the second part we come across with our discussion group cheerful and chaotic ;-) How did the "feud" with Munich actually begin? At Schalke there is a first "announcement of aggression", but in the end it is the fault of the fan club ... The Karlsruhe team finally appear in front of the Zille, we find out something about the "favorite opponents" and then we learn how to act Glossing over defeats ... E.g. in Braunschweig. Big cinema

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# 05 - If you don't ask, you stay stupid.

09.05.2021 01:22:52

Tachchen and Gude on the fifth episode of "Dies, das, Casuals." - Podcasts with Amon and Fiete - your therapy session for shopaholics. Amon opens the anniversary episode with a drink of the week that has washed itself. Fiete breaks this episode with his tradition and brings a drinkable, albeit non-alcoholic, drink into play for the first time. It continues with the discoveries of the week - Amon has picked out a very interesting Instagram account for you. Fiete takes over and recommends a format on Youtube and IG-TV that has been completely underestimated until now. In the core topic of this episode, we will devote ourselves to your questions and answer them in detail. Be curious! Instagram account “hoolicards”: https://instagram.com/hoolicards?igshid=12f5ki4wzjmt2 Casual Couture TV: https://youtube.com/c/CasualCoutureTV From now on a new episode will appear every second Sunday. If you don't want to miss this, follow us on Instagram, activate the bell and subscribe to the podcast on a platform of your choice. You can find all the information at: https://rittenr.ee/diesdascasuals We look forward to your feedback, your suggestions and one or the other of you as an interview guest in the future. Cheers, we hear each other!

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The football podcast week 35

09.05.2021 00:12:23

Today it goes with the HSV through Europe, on an ascent and descent with Rot-Weiss Essen and through France's fan landscape.

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# 67 - Make a Wish (Part 2)

09.05.2021 00:43:57

Here we are again. After the groundbreaking success of the first edition of Wünsch Dir was, the sequel now follows. It remains to be seen whether a Gayson Stanley has understood the concept by now. One can therefore be gay and excited to see where the two steamy talkers will go this time. Today almost anything is possible and we are referring to a famous philosopher: No fun, no risk

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# 120 / August 2015

07.05.2021 00:14:19

BVB fans ignore DFB penalty, Hertha choreography on HSV fan t-shirt, megaphone use only after a corner discussion in Munich. This episode is about these and other topics. Enjoy listening! Participating clubs / groups etc .: Borussia Dortmund, HFC Falke, Ultras Nordfalken, Rot-Weiss Essen, Ultras Essen, FC Schalke 04, Ultras Gelsenkirchen, Schalke helps, help for Anja, Giasinga Buam, 1860 Munich, HoGeSa, Free Valentin, Wolfsberger AC, Riot0231, TSG Hoffenheim, Hannover 96, Brigade Nord, Chosen Few, Hertha BSC, 1st FC Cologne, Boyz Cologne, Ultras Chemnitz, Dynamo Dresden, debt repayment, 1st FC Nuremberg, Red Black Help, South Stand Dortmund, FC Bayern Munich , #rotwienie Oberopfingen, Steinsberg, Julius Hirsch Preis, Supporters Crew Göttingen, VfB for all Oldenburg, fan project Halle, Rot-Weiß Erfurt, Alemannia Aachen, Karlsbande Ultras, Gabriele di Ponto, Lazio Rome, Union Berlin, scene Köpenick, VfB Stuttgart, Gerhard-Meyer aprons, fan culture

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Oh RWE! From league 2 to league 5 ... (2)

07.05.2021 01:25:42

... the fifth division can be so beautiful! The second part is about two rather uneventful years in the regional league, then the bankruptcy and the crash into the fifth division. Sadness? Not at all! Fans and team are one unit, record attendance, good atmosphere, lots of fun. Actually, exactly what makes football so special. Rather untypical for RWE: At the end there is a happy ending! Have fun listening!

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# 37 - Movies 2

07.05.2021 01:39:25

Moin cineastes, episode 35 is about films that have inspired the football scene. Lure and I drool on each other by discussing our respective top 3 films we consider trending. Check out our respective No. 3. If you are not really in the mood for movies afterwards, there is no help.

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# 19 About Chernobyl

06.05.2021 01:01:25

Your maybuck are back and report once again from a time before the virus. Lennart was in the Ukraine and, in addition to plenty of Georgian specialties and partying, also took an increased dose of radiation with him. We're also talking about drunk overdrivers and loads of dynamos. Employee of the Week, Top / Flop Ground and City / Country / Stadium? Yes, of course.

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Vive la France!

06.05.2021 01:54:35

The first thought when will people talk about France? Sure: almost 40 years of Ultra history, a great source of inspiration for the first Ultra generations in Germany and still home to some of the most important scenes in Europe. So it is more than good that Maxime from @zinesdefrance takes us a little into the French fanzine scene.

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Away driver / episode # 7 with Bastian / BSG Chemie Leipzig

05.05.2021 01:07:30

In episode 7 of the away driver, Bastian talks about what it means for him to go through ups and downs with BSG Chemie Leipzig, football in East Germany and, above all, to have your own opinion and also to the outside world to represent.

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# 81 - Knocking Out and Acquiring Crime

05.05.2021 00:55:23

Raise your glazers - something happens in English football. In episode 81, Tim and Schlü deal with the events in Manchester and in the second part answer questions from the audience. In the next 60 minutes you will learn to what extent a tasty Merguez affects the stadium experience and which INCREDIBLE stories have happened to the two groundhoppers at Tinder. Have fun listening.

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# 119 / July 2015

04.05.2021 00:13:57

Free Valentin, sit down, fine after shark attack. This episode is about these and other topics. Enjoy listening! Participating clubs / groups: Hertha BSC, Bayern Munich, 1. FC Cologne, Rot-Weiß Erfurt, Roter Stern Belgrade, Hallescher FC, Saalefront Ultras, BK Frem, FC St. Pauli, Bad Blue Boys, Dynamo Zagreb, Schalke 04, Bundesliga , Werder Bremen, Borussia Dortmund, The Unity, Johor Southern Tigers, Boys of Straits, Dynamo Dresden, Grimsby Town, FC St. Pauli, RB Leipzig, ballspiel.vereint, Borussenfront, 1860 Munich, fan representatives, Sheffield FC, SKB, scene-savvy officials , Union Berlin, Benajmin Koehler, Unioner fürs Leben, HFC Falke, Austria Salzburg, Tough Guys, Eintracht Braunschweig, Ultras Braunschweig, Cattiva Brunsviga, Ultras Krefeld, KFC Uerdingen, 1.FC Magdeburg, Waldhof Mannheim, fan culture

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41. - European Cup with Hamburger SV

04.05.2021 00:44:24

This week we're talking to members of the Hamburg Ultras about wild years in the European Cup. You can expect eventful stories from Amsterdam, Turin, Bastia, Moscow and lots of helpful tips to keep travel costs low. Have fun listening.

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# 6 Guest talk with ... Fritz and Monti - Part 2

03.05.2021 01:04:11

Your Podcasters of the Month April thanks to Part 1 are back with Part 2 of Fritz & Monti. This time it's mainly about the music of the two. How did it start, how did the two get together and how much does all the fun cost anyway? This is just as clarified as the guys actually feel about the texts themselves and why there were conflicts within the family in this regard. Just listen in and check out the guys! (Intro song: FRITZ & MONTI - ALL OR NOTHING)

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Episode 25 Mümmel and the Lippstadt Supporters 1997

02.05.2021 01:13:13

Today we talk to Mümmelmann about the Lippstadt Supporters 1997. 1997 was the year of the merger, the game in Herford and the first promotion to the Oberliga Westfalen and the year of the foundation of the first organized group in Lippstadt. We have new technology and have to groove ourselves in first, so don't be too appalled.

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Fan protests at Manchester United - The background

02.05.2021 00:22:52

Manchester United - Liverpool FC was canceled today due to strong fan protests from United fans. On the podcast, we talk to United fan Matt about the background.

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Episode 170 - Bushwhackers (1) - The hool gangs of the 80s and 90s

02.05.2021 00:32:40

Düsseldorf, Bushwhackers. Notoriously, the boys from the Rhine drew their circles in the German stadiums, with a wedding in the late 80s to the mid 90s. The beginnings of the group including the predecessors ("Fortuna-Terror") shed light on the protagonists of that time with me: What went on Schalke, how did the war against Munich end? Where did the wildest Asis come from? Who's Afraid of Women in the Stadium? Wonderful stories !!!

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The football podcast week 34

02.05.2021 00:09:38

There are three new releases this week. "Küstgelaber" with Alexandra Popp, "Gol Olimpico" on football in South America and Markus Babbel is a guest in the "Has already yellow" format.

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# 66 - Make a wish

02.05.2021 00:42:17

Today there is something new for your ears. Unique in the world, Jojo and the professor break the chains of imagination in the middle of the pandemic. Imagine being able to put yourself in one of three scenarios. What would you choose? Jojo starts, Gayson can choose something, then it goes the other way around. Did the professor really understand this concept?

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Fan culture in flux - from the north curve to the south stand

02.05.2021 00:45:02

Second part of our trilogy about the change in fan culture at BVB: This time we start with the move from the Rote Erde to the Westfalenstadion in 1974 and go into the master years of the 90s. Peter Noisten is a co-founder of the first BVB fan club. Hans Leyendecker is a renowned investigative journalist and, as a fan, stood on the south stand even in times when BVB was second-rate in terms of sport.

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The fan culture of the EHC Munich before Red Bull's entry

01.05.2021 01:47:51

In this episode, the Flying Dutchman has Massimo as a guest, who has been playing ice hockey in Munich since the 90s and was one of the founders of the Munich Supporters, the Munich Action Crew, the freaks and former lead singer of the Munich North Curve. The conversation is mainly about the 90s and 2000s, when ultras were still rare in ice hockey. Massimo also talks about the darkest hour for the Munich ice hockey fan scene when the EHC was taken over by Red Bull in 2013.

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Die Sportfreunde Siegen - history and fans

01.05.2021 01:35:52

The podcast with "Mr. Sportfreunde Siegen" is about the ups and downs of the traditional club from South Westphalia. Small club, great conversation partner!

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Listen who's hoping there - May (21)

01.05.2021 00:30:47

The collaboration with Sven has worked so well so far that there will now be a monthly podcast series. Always on the first of the month, you can expect a podcast on various topics that are mostly, but not always, related to ground hopping. In this episode, the ghost game podcast # 49 is briefly highlighted, followed by an assessment of the rest of the season for the first three leagues and a brief preview of the summer. Send us your opinions and suggestions at any time, we are open to anything.

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Oh RWE! From league 2 to league 5 ... (1)

30.04.2021 01:16:49

... from 1860 Munich to Wegberg Beeck. I met Biersa again and we talked about old times together. Here in the first part it goes through the promotion in the second division 2005/06 up to the missed qualification for the third division 2007/08. Boundless euphoria was immediately followed by bottomless disappointment, in other words: typical red and white food. Grab a Stauder, make yourself comfortable and ... listen to podcasts! Part two will follow next week.

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# 118 / June 2015

30.04.2021 00:15:27

Atmospheric cup draw in Reutlingen, Celtic Glasgow wanted to introduce standing room, 16 years of Ultras Gera. This episode is about these and other topics. Enjoy listening! Participating clubs / groups: SV Austria Salzburg, Wacker Innsbruck, Rot-Weiß Oberhausen, Stadion Niederrhein, Schalke 04, PAOK Saloniki, FC United of Manchester, Banik Ostrava, Bazaly Stadion, US Ancona 1905, FC Augsburg, Augsburg fan project, Copa Augusta Antiracista , Hamburger SV, Holstein Kiel, 1860 Munich, Karlsruher SC, Werder Bremen, Borussia Dortmund, Borsig Borussen, Celtic Glasgow, FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, SSV Reutlingen, The team, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspurs, 1.FC Magdeburg, Block U , Ultras Gera, Hanover 96, Red Curve Hanover, Energie Cottbus, Dynamo Dresden, 1. FC Cologne, VfL Bochum, Fortuna Düsseldorf, hooligans against Salafists, Hogesa, Paderborn fan scene, Poptown, Kiezkicker Fanzine, FC St.Pauli, Ultras Frankfurt, The Unity, Übersteiger, Black-Yellow Help, HFC Falke e.V., Fankutlur

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Black and white these are the colors ... (4)

30.04.2021 00:38:29

Today we're talking to Schwenni, who is definitely a household name to every Wattenscheider. Starting in the 90s, he was significantly involved in the development of the Wattenscheid fan scene and is still an integral part of it today. Hear his exciting story.

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# 18 In the gray area

29.04.2021 00:42:21

Lennart reports from the last country point before the Corona time. You will learn a lot about Malta live from the absolute tax haven and directly from the gray area. Are there rivers there? Are there ultras there? Is there such a thing as absolute drunkenness? Just listen and search your old receipts for the 1st & 2nd league in Malta. And why is Steffen in absolute wine fever? Listen, share and choose us as podcast of the month in the FWMFL Instagram story.

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E06 | "Millwall takes the piss"

29.04.2021 01:50:33

Today listeners' wishes are fulfilled at Casual Madness. We have received numerous messages asking for "Club Specials". After all, there are many active scene people who also have a club abroad and are well known there too. "The biggest small club in the world". The professionals among you know, this can only mean Millwall FC. The club in the south of London, around which many stories and myths entwine. To ensure a good start to the episode, we have moved away from the clichés and introduce you to a club that, like its fans, stands for a great capacity for suffering. We talk to three competent interlocutors who have not just been visiting The Den since yesterday and who maintain their contacts in the fan scene. Our guests are Sebastian, Thorsten and, last but not least, the bon vivant that you loudly asked for. Unique and enfant terrible par excellence. The trio tells you how each came to Millwall FC and since when they have been regularly with the Lions. Thorsten introduces us to the club's history before the men describe the mentality of the club and the fan scene in their own words. Of course we also talk about the problems that Germans still have in England today, about the companies and their look. Another big topic is the rivalry with West Ham and why hundreds of Millwall Lads were guests in Hamburg at a boxing match by Wladimir Klitschko. Enjoy the latest episode of Casual Madness, the Sapeur podcast - One Step Beyond! _____ Links Support your Locals! Beverages Eierle - The drug dealer near Bad Schwalbach (Kemel) https://www.getraenke-eierle.de/1 Interview with Adrian Bianco, at that time still for Vice Magazine and Biancissimo https://sabukaru.online/articles/lebemann- and-the-culture-of-hooliganism

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Episode 169 - The "Super Gau League" - a counter model? (3)

28.04.2021 00:28:28

Can professional football still be saved? We don't know, but we also try to find solutions. Even if we slip out one or the other swear word - we do not allow ourselves to be denied a certain creativity. We all have a say in where the journey of football is going - if we raise our voices and hold out !!! Stay strong..

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# 80 - watch out, soccer!

28.04.2021 01:06:47

An anniversary episode full of anger and hatred. Tim and Schlü talk about curfews, the failed Super League and the Champions League reform that was wrapped up in the hustle and bustle. At the end of the episode, it's about the current situation in France, which is particularly hard for Girondins Bordeaux.

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# 117 / May 2015

27.04.2021 00:10:24

A fan was shot in Poland, the Ultras Düsseldorf stopped their activities and a new attendance record was set in the 3rd division. This episode is about these and other topics. Enjoy listening! Participating clubs / groups: Hertha BSC, Harlekins Berlin, 1. FC Kaiserslauter, Darmstadt 98, ProFans, game set monsters, SAM, Hansa Rostock, 1860 Munich, lion fans against right, Fortuna Düsseldorf, Vfr Aalen, Ultras Düsseldorf, Stuttgarter Kickers, Dynamo Dresden, Fan scene Rostock eV, Hansa Rostock, FC Bayern, Rudi Völler, Eintracht Frankfurt, Sossenheim, Concordia Knurow, Ruch Radzianko, Legida, Manchester United, Old Trafford, Bundesliga, attendance figures, MSV Duisburg, Holstein Kiel, 3rd league, Borussia Dortmund, Jürgen Klopp, SV Darmstadt, Jahn Regensburg, Ultras Regensburg, Jahnstadion, Hamburger SV, Chosen Few, fan culture

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40th - Ultras in Kurdistan

27.04.2021 00:41:20

In the last part of our Turkey series, Freddy tells about his travels to Amedspor in Dersimspor. He reports on an extraordinary derby, the unstable situation in the Kurdish regions and the importance of the Amedspor association for the Kurdish population. Have fun listening.

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Episode 24 Mob Russians and Schermbeck Sheikh

25.04.2021 01:04:04

After a week's podcast break (PCP), we return stronger and chat our hearts out. You can expect concentrated expertise on the topics of solidarity and ultra, fundraising campaigns, super league, regional league and upper league and of course a quiz. Have fun!

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Episode 168 - The "Super Gau League" - dark visions (2)

25.04.2021 00:32:00

Haase, Andi and I continue to dissect the plans of the super-rich to further destroy football in its original state. We work our way through the topic with retrospectives and outlooks, we are serious and amused at the same time and always clearly analytical. The development of the German national team is addressed as well as the wonderful pairings in the first round of the cup! A short panning to EM 2004 shouldn't be missing, about which I lost myself with Andi in episodes 16 and 17> have a listen!

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# 04 - Procurement crime

25.04.2021 01:18:50

Tachchen and Gude on the fourth episode of "Dies, das, Casuals." - Podcasts with Amon and Fiete - your therapy session for shopaholics. At the beginning Fiete presented the Instagram account @gearthereeverywhere. This is all about outdoor wear - maybe not necessarily the classic casual content - but a look over the edge of the table never hurts! Amon, recently chairman of the “lockdown library”, presents the book “the football shirts book” by @nealheard. Fiete takes over the ball and heralds the new section "Casual Alphabet" with the topic "A for Adidas" and tells of his brilliant trip to the Adidas archive with the team from @asphaltgold. Nothing to me, nothing to you, we come to the actual topic of the episode - namely where we personally shoot the hot parts at good prices. Book “the football shirts book”: https://www.lehmanns.de/shop/weiter-fachgebiete/38171377-9781785036651-the-football-shirts-book Fiete's trip to the Adidas archive: https: //www.asphaltgold. com / de / blog / general / adidas-archive-tour-inspiration-from-heritage-and-history / From now on, a new episode will appear every second Sunday. If you don't want to miss this, follow us on Instagram, activate the bell and subscribe to the podcast on a platform of your choice. You can find all the information at: https://rittenr.ee/diesdascasuals We look forward to your feedback, your suggestions and one or the other of you as an interview guest in the future. Cheers, we hear each other!

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# 49 Ghost games an alternative for groundhoppers?

25.04.2021 00:32:40