Where can I get a transmitter

The types of reception - analog or digital

The standard for digital television transmission is called DVB. With DVB, more programs are available to viewers than with analog television.

In addition, the picture and sound quality is better. In addition, additional information can be transmitted, such as an electronic program guide (EPG). This provides further information on the current and subsequent programs.

Terrestrial aerial television (DVB-T) has been transmitted exclusively digitally since the end of 2008. Between 2017 and April 2019, it was replaced by the successor standard DVB-T2 in regions.

In cable television there are currently still analogue channels. One reason why many cable television customers still watch analogue cable television is that the commercial broadcasters financed by advertising such as RTL, ProSieben, Sat1 etc. mostly only transmitted their digital television programs in encrypted form until the beginning of 2013.

However, following a decision by the Cartel Office at the end of 2012, this encryption had to be lifted. However, the decision of the Cartel Office does not affect the high-resolution versions of the channels mentioned. If you want to watch private television in high definition, you have to sign another cable television contract. In many cases, this is associated with higher monthly costs.

The high-resolution versions of the public broadcasters, on the other hand, can be received with a suitable television or a corresponding receiver at no additional cost. You can find an overview of the transmitters in our table below.

The cable network operator can, within the legal framework, determine the program allocation itself and, for example, replace certain public television channels from the analogue program offer with private channels.

Table: Free-to-air digital channels in the cable:

Standard quality channels (SDTV):

VOXSports onen-tv
3SatWatch TVPhoenix
SWRThe firstNDR
WDRoneOne plus
tagesschau24ZDFZDF info
ProSiebenSat 1Kabeleins
Tele5Channel 21Clear TV
Juwelo TV1-2-3 TVBible TV
Hello TVSixxAnixe
HSE24Nick / Comedy CentralAstro TV
BBC World NewsBloomberg TVEuronews
Disney ChannelGerman music televisionSat.1 gold
Al Jazera int.QVC 


Channel in high definition quality (HDTV)


tagesschau24 HD
ARD-alpha HD
zdf info HD
one HD

rbb HD3 sat HDKiKa HD
Phoenix HDzdf neo HDHSE 24 HD


Even with an old, "analog" cable contract, you can receive many digital television programs. All you need is a standard cable receiver or a television with a DVB-C tuner.


Introduction of DVB-T2 HD

In the early summer of 2014, the state media authorities set the schedule for the switch from aerial television DVB-T to the new DVB-T2 HD standard. In Germany, DVB-T2 is used in the latest video coding standard HEVC or H.265. To distinguish between the new video coding standard, the abbreviation "HD" has been appended, hence the term DVB-T2 HD.

The switch to DVB-T2 HD has been taking place in Germany since March 2017 from region to region and has been completed in April 2019. Devices that can receive the new standard are also downward compatible and can also receive conventional DVB-T. So look out for the green "DVB-T2 HD" logo when buying a television.