How do you hide your rosacea flush

Facial flush with and without rosacea

Published on 11/21/2016

Blushing from shame, embarrassment, joy, or anger is a natural response in everyone. Rosacea sufferers often suffer from permanent reddening of the face, the so-called erythema. But what is the difference between the types of redness? Does it even exist? And what are the triggers that cause the redness?

Blushing from embarrassment - the sympathetic nervous system is to blame

If we find ourselves in a stressful or uncomfortable situation, the sympathetic nervous system switches on - a nerve cord in the autonomic nervous system. This ensures that the heart beats faster, adrenaline is released and blood pressure rises. The blood not only shoots increasingly into the muscles but also into our brain and thus into the head. The result: we blush!

Redness in rosacea - vasodilation

One of the main symptoms of rosacea is persistent facial redness, which occurs primarily on the cheeks, forehead and chin. In medicine, this is facial flushing Erythema called. They often occur together with so-called telangiectasias, i.e. visibly widened, finest veins.

The causes of these rosacea symptoms are not yet fully understood. Today it is assumed that there is chronic vasodilation and various inflammatory processes that can be traced back to factors such as hereditary predisposition or disorders in the immune system.

In rosacea patients, the fine veins visibly expand. Unlike the embarrassment reaction, this redness is triggered in addition to the genetic predisposition by external triggers such as alcohol, hot drinks, UV radiation, cold or hot spices. A similarity between the two reactions can be found in the increase in facial blood flow.

Hau (p) tsache more knowledge! You can read 13 facts about our largest organ here.

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