How did you beat the competition

Translation of "you beat" in German

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You beat you did


Can you beat the Money Vault? No actual cash prices are awarded.
Can They hit the money vault? No current cash prizes will be awarded.
You work twice as hard and you beat them.
Can you beat the worlds hardest maze game level 3 its easier then 1 and 2 since none of you guys could handle those.
Can They hit the worlds hardest game maze level 3 its easier then 1 and 2 since none of you could handle this.
Can you beat your opponents in the Medieval Jousting Tournament?
Can They hit You your opponent in the medieval knight tournament?
Witnesses have seen you beat here.
Congrats, you beat the competition!
Can you beat all the 20 levels? ...
But you beat me at my own game.
I won't listen to you beat yourself up.
I will no longer listen to you how you yourself put it down.
If you beat them small fine, their wounds heal.
If man from it an ointment makescan be used to heal wounds.
For example, like how you beat her grandfather to death.
It always breaks and you beat me.
Doug, I know you beat up Spence for his homework.
But even if you beat me my men aren't going with you.
But I'll tell you one thing: even if you me should defeat, my people won't follow you.
You come back early, you beat the rush.
And last week, you beat Ben
Next time ... when anybody bothers one of you, you beat him together.
Next time someone ... wants to do something to one of you, then do him together finished.
Well, here's hoping you beat the odds.
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