How long will Avengers 4 last

How long does Marvel's Avengers game last?

There's a lot to do in Marvel's Avengers, but with so many games coming out this fall, it's understandable to want an estimate of how long you can count on defeating villains as the most powerful heroes on earth. The game features a story-driven campaign as well as an extensive endgame component called Avengers Initiative, which includes additional story content after the credits for the main game have been rolled. You can play this game for hours, but that's how long the Avengers campaign should take to get through.

How long does Marvel's Avenger last?

The Marvel's Avengers campaign is about to be completed 12 hours. The runtime can be significantly increased by completing optional content and side missions, which will make the maximum length possible 30 hours or more.

Of course, the reassemble campaign is just the beginning. After reuniting the gang and defeating the main villain in the story, the Avengers still have a number of threats to deal with after the credits. This brings us to the Avengers Initiative, the ever-growing online component of the game. Here you can tackle new mission chains with friends online with new cutscenes and story sequences. The game will update over time, but dozens of hours of content are already waiting for you in the endgame. Even if you don't care about post-launch updates and endgame content, if you're a Marvel fan, it's worth playing through the Avengers campaign.

New heroes and stories will also be added to the game in the coming months. Kate Bishop is the first heroine after the launch and will be launching her own campaign called "Taking AIM" in October. After that, Hawkeye will come to the game in November, and other heroes like Black Panther have been teased for future content updates. Spider-Man is also coming to Marvel's Avengers, although the friendly neighborhood wall crawler will only be available for PlayStation 4 and the upcoming PlayStation 5.

- This article was updated on: September 4th, 2020

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