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Dangerous neighborhoods and areas in London

When you travel to a big city like London, you often ask yourself beforehand which areas you should actually avoid, or which districts are unsafe or perhaps even dangerous.

When you travel to a big city like London, you often ask yourself beforehand which areas you should actually avoid, or which districts are unsafe or perhaps even dangerous. In general, the crime rate in big cities is higher than in small towns or even in the countryside and there are always parts of the city where you should be particularly careful.

What areas are considered unsafe in London?

London is divided into a total of 32 boroughs plus the City of London. The districts are also divided into Inner and Outer London. In the boroughs of Inner London (Camden, City of Westminster, City of London, Greenwich, Hackney, Hammersmith and Fulham, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Lambeth, Lewisham, Southwark, Tower Hamlets and Wandsworth) it is comparatively safe for tourists and with Common sense can also be used to move around the scene quarters at night.

Unfortunately, on the other hand, the districts with the most important tourist attractions, such as Tower Bridge, the London Eye or London Bridge, are the districts with the highest murder rates. This is mainly due to the terrorist attacks in recent years. That doesn't mean avoiding these beautiful attractions, you just have to be a little more vigilant and trust your intuition. So watch out for suspicious bags or other possible signs of terrorist acts and of course pickpockets, but don't miss out on these special landmarks. Away from the center in the south of the city, however, you should be careful, especially at night, as a hub for weapons and drugs has developed here in the last few years, in which tourists would rather not get lost.

Which parts of the city should it be better to avoid at night?

As in many large cities, it often only becomes unsafe in London when the sun disappears. For example, Camden Market, which is so popular during the day, or the Brixton district are increasingly visited by pickpockets at night. Likewise in Kingston upon Thames, Richmond upon Thames, Kensington and Chelsea, here it is better to avoid public transport at night.

In general, unfortunately, it must be said that in most areas crime increases at night. You should therefore always be vigilant and stay away from dodgy characters. Unfortunately, juvenile delinquency is also very high. Unfortunately, even if the serious crimes take place within the groups, tourists are also threatened. This is mainly due to the growing differences between rich and poor and many poor and starving children. The number of people dropping out of school is also growing steadily, driving many young people into crime.

In general, however, this bad side of London remains hidden from most tourists. A large number of the hotels are located in secure areas and the cameras that are installed throughout the city also provide a feeling of security. In addition, the number of security officers is increasing again and again in order to be able to offer tourists a carefree time.

Additional tips for more safety on your London vacation

In general, the same rules apply in all major cities. In large crowds, on public transport, etc., take special care of your valuables. Use shoulder bags that can be closed easily and do not take more cash with you than necessary, it is better to pay cashless. Don't just keep your money in one place, split it into multiple pockets. Keep your important documents in a safe place and take backups and photos.

Stay away from shady people and groups and switch from public transport to a taxi if necessary. If possible, avoid walking alone in the city at night, especially in the dangerous districts, especially as a woman.

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