How do I become an organization manager

Expert in organizational management (HFP)

Organizational management experts advise companies and administrations on all organizational issues. In small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), they take on the entire company organization. In large companies, on the other hand, they are often responsible for the organization at the level of a larger organizational unit, where they lead a department with several specialists or work as experts.

Organizational management experts deal with the organization of larger organizational units at different management levels. As a team player and contact person, they take on responsibility for the implementation between management and interdisciplinary departments. They bring their experience to complex problems with a holistic look.

Organizational management experts define and develop new process organizations. You optimize the processes and discuss the planned changes with those responsible for the line. In addition, they work on IT application and IT solution developments, accompany the test phase and clarify questions about hardware and software. For risk management, experts in organizational management develop concepts, record the risks, evaluate them and set priorities. They make suggestions, check costs and benefits and support the team in implementation. Her business expertise enables her to support the management in the implementation of strategic measures as well as in the development of controlling and reporting and to assist them as a consultant in shaping the change processes. In Corporate Social Responsibility Management, they oversee mandates and check ecological compatibility and sustainability.

For restructuring, skills in personnel management and cooperation with line management are important. Good communication and integration skills make it easier for experts in organizational management to present projects convincingly. They also train and inform everyone involved during the change process.