Has the kissing style changed?

What the kiss says about you & your relationship

Many claim that a kiss is the most intimate of all and are also convinced that if you already have problems kissing, you don't harmonize well with each other in bed. There are good kissers, bad kissers, kissable types, aquaplaning kissers, tongue fighters & Co. And for this very reason, the website littlethings.com, based on the knowledge of the book "The Science of Kissing by Sheril Kirshenbaum, has developed various types of kisses that quite a lot Provide information about what kind of kissing says about the kissing person.The result: There are 11 different ways to kiss and each one reveals something different about you and your relationship.
The question that still arises now: How do I actually and really kiss?

1. The forehead kiss: Does that sound very impersonal? But it is not at all. Because the kiss on the forehead is not only a sign of "I protect you", but also shows that you value the other person very much. So if your boyfriend kisses you on the forehead every now and then, you can really look forward to it!

2. The tender kiss: Nothing there "boring !!". With a gentle kiss, i.e. when the lips touch each other only very gently and tentatively, a very large part of the brain is stimulated and more sexual impulses are triggered than when you touch each other intimately. So kiss sex.

3. French Kiss: Did you know that we all actually kiss in French? The fact is that the French kiss is basically the normal French kiss. And it means that you want to be even closer to your partner and discover him.

4. Abschlabber-Alam: When "Schlabbern" (sounds disgusting, but it is particularly sex-effective), people kiss with open mouth, wild, wet and uninhibited. Pure sexual energy between the two kissing people. Since physical attraction is clearly in the foreground here, it is hardly surprising that 99 percent of the cases end up in bed afterwards.

5. The butterfly kiss: Here the eyelashes are kissed. Sounds strange, but it really works. With the blink of an eye you cuddle into the other person's cheek. It is an extremely tender and close gesture that says a lot. It's intimate, loving, respectful and tingling at the same time.

6. The kiss on just one lip: People in longer relationships should kiss with only one lip more often, or rather only one lip of the other, because what may sound like half a thing is actually a great token of love. Kissing a lip and gently sucking on it is a sign that you not only love your partner, but still find them exciting.

7. The cheek kiss (and right! Not just kiss, kiss ...) The kiss on the cheek can on the one hand be a friendly kiss, or on the other hand you show the person next to you or across from you that you are attracted. Who doesn't know that suddenly a guy gives you a peck on the cheek? Gladly at a later hour and after a glass or two of wine. If it's a hot guy, then we are happy and internally perform victory dances, if it's a rather unsympathetic, disgusting guy, you should have a handkerchief and disinfectant with you.

8. The nibble kiss: Anyone who nibbles while kissing has a great sex life. It's so. There is nothing more to say, except: Well done!

9. The Spiderman Kiss: No, your friend doesn't have to rope himself down from a wall now so you can kiss him when it rains. It is also much easier. During the Spiderman kiss, he kisses her overhead. This way of kissing shows that the relationship still has many surprises in store and that both of them have a great desire to experience adventures with the other.

10. The kiss with your mouth closed Closed lips when kissing are an indication that the two kissing people cannot really open yet. Literally. But don't worry: when time comes, tongue comes!

11. The quick number: Okay, it's a kiss, but it's kind of aloof. If you briefly kiss each other, maybe not even with your eyes closed, then you either haven't known each other very long, or - unfortunately that's also true - you've been in a relationship for a long time and let the fire go out a bit. So that it doesn't become the goodbye kiss forever, please change it!