Which Hollywood celebs had a crush on your childhood?

14 stars that we loved and that we don't hear from today!

Do you think your childhood was tough? Then put yourself in the shoes of a 90s celebrity. Every step they take is scrutinized, and any failed comeback attempt could be the beginning of the perfect end. Thanks to social media and the like, it is simply not possible to hide your failure today. Here is a list of formerly successful stars from the 90s that we had a crush on in our childhood - and who unfortunately didn't make their comeback (but that doesn't mean I don't love you anyway, Jason Priestley!)

# 1 Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl starred on "Grey's Anatomy" from 2005 to 2010, but by then she had been in the film world for a long time. Katherine made her film debut in 1992 at the age of 14 and grew up in the spotlight. But later came the turning point: She judged her own performance in "Grey's Anatomy" as "below average" and later accused the makers of the film "Knocked Up" of being sexist. Since then she doesn't seem to be able to land a hit ...

# 2 Lindsay Lohan

Source: pinterest.com

Source: pinterest.com
Lindsay Lohan is a prime example of a child star who couldn't get on with his fame. While films like "Twin Seldom Comes Alone" made the actress a fan favorite, private problems almost brought her down. Although she seems to be slowly recovering, her film career is rather sluggish: a comeback attempt with the film "The Canyons" failed.

# 3 Christina Aguilera

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Christiana Aguilera was every boy's crush in the late 90s and early 2000s. With “Genie In A Bottle” she landed a super hit, but her 2010 album “Biopic” was a flop. This was topped by the follow-up album "Lotus", which only sold 73,000 copies.

# 4 Tara Reid

Tara Reid has been a man's dream since the movie "American Pie". After the cult comedy, the blonde continued with the film "Sharknado". Recently, however, her role in the franchise was canceled - and at the request of the fans.

# 5 Sharon Stone

The scene in which Sharon Stone crosses her legs in "Basic Instinct" and has no panties on is legendary. However, when they tried to shoot a sequel to the cult classic in 2006, the fans stayed away from the box office. Sharon hasn't acted in any notable film since 2013.

# 6 Ashlee Simpson

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Jessica Simpson's little sister had a mega hit in 2004 with her debut single "Pieces of Me". After that, the brunette's career went down the drain: Both the 2008 album “Bittersweet World” and the follow-up “Bat For A Heart” were hardly popular.

# 7 Paris Hilton

Since Kim Kardashian came into existence, Paris Hilton is no longer the number one topic in the gossip columns of the media. While their show "The Simple Life" still had high ratings, those on "Paris Hiltons New BFF" were no longer so intoxicating. Her participation in the film "House of Wax" didn't really help her either.

# 8 Ryan Phillippe

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“Ice cold angels” made Ryan Phillippe a mega-star and a swarm of girls at the end of the 90s. A fairly successful career was predicted for him, but the actor suddenly disappeared into oblivion. In 2015, however, he should celebrate his comeback. But the "Secrets & Lies" series fell far short of expectations.

# 9 Mischa Barton

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Mischa Barton was one of the most popular actresses on the US series "O.C. California “- but here, too, private problems brought the career low. After her role was removed from the hit series, she found it difficult to get new offers. Since then, fans have been waiting for new films with Mischa ...

# 10 Shannon Doherty

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The Beverly Hills, 90210 star was a true teen icon in the 1990s. She got her next big chance in the series "Charmed". But rumors that it was difficult to work with her made the rounds. Shannon hasn't made any new movies or series in years.

# 11 Nadine Coyle

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The singer of the British band "Girls Aloud" made many men breathless, but her solo career nevertheless failed. She had announced that she had no great expectations for the sales of her solo single "Go To Work". And that was a good thing: The CD only sold 1616 times.

# 12 John Travolta

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The career of John Travolta has always been a big up and down. The former “Grease” star was able to land hits at the box office again and again with “Look who speaks”, “Pulp Fiction” and “Face / Off” - but it did in between there are constant dry spells.

# 13 Alex Pettyfer

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Alex Pettyfer starred in 2006 with Stormbreaker and then starred in teen films like Wild Child and I'm Number Four in the years that followed. Despite his reputation for being a diva, he was cast on Magic Mike with Channing Tatum in 2012, making a small comeback for the actor. But since Channing couldn't stand Alex, he was no longer allowed to play in the sequel.

# 14 Macaulay Culkin

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Like many young stars, Macaulay was struggling to make the transition from childhood to adult star and a number of issues in his personal life meant he wasn't able to return to an important film until 2016. It was announced that his role in "Aladdin" would be his big comeback, but unfortunately the film wasn't as successful as many thought.

Which childhood crush do you miss? Tell us in the comments!