Which teacher changed your life forever

10 reasons why now is the best time

Teachers, stressful study and long homework lists are not exactly what you mean by a good time? Well, if we put it that way, that doesn't sound very appealing either. Even so, there are good reasons that most adults look back wistfully at school - 10 good reasons to be specific.

1. It is never so easy to make friends again.

Just sit next to a classmate, very relaxed "Hi!" said and already started a conversation - this is exactly how many friendships began for life. At school, it's extra-easy to make contacts. If you talk to strangers on the park bench at the age of 45, it doesn't seem so natural anymore - to put it mildly.

2. You can try it out to your heart's content, try it around - and change your mind.

School is made for trying out things in peace, changing your mind and reinventing yourself over and over again. One year you hear excessive nirvana, the next you feel more like party music and partying with friends. You can "test" hobbies and change them again and get to know all possible (professional) fields through honorary positions or internships. Now trying it out and trying it out is clever, exciting and appropriate - if you change jobs 10 times in 5 years, it will look completely different.

3. You will probably never have so much free time and freedom again.

Unless you are composing the next "Last Christmas" and only living on royalties afterwards, work drastically reduces your free time. At lunchtime or in the afternoon, "after work", weekends off work and lots of vacation days - that is the stuff of which the dreams (and the envy) of adults are made!

4. Everything can still come true.

It doesn't matter whether you want to open a surf school in Hawaii or become a neurosurgeon: Now everything is open to you, no idea is too crazy and every dream can come true. Life is like a freshly bought scratch card: absolutely anything can happen. Grand prize or not: There will never be so much adventure in the air again.

5. Even if they are annoying: Your parents are great.

Honestly, parents are great. They take care of all the tiresome adult stuff - from renting to electricity to the car - they run the house, pay you pocket money and are always there for you with advice and action. Even if you would like to celebrate longer at the weekend and annoy mum's announcements: There comes a point when you wish someone would take care of you and tell you what to do. No joke!

6. You can share your everyday life with your friends.

After graduation, friendships often change quite drastically. There are friends who see each other once a year because they all work in different parts of Germany, Europe or the world. Or because they have 2–5 children who determine everyday life. Or simply because life has gotten so serious and so stressful. There you have it a thousand times better: You can see your friends every day and have plenty of time to chat with them before and after class (and sometimes even during).

7. You can change your look all the time - and dare to do something.

Colorful hair, band shirts or cat galaxy leggings: there is little that is not possible during school times. Different styles and different outfits - there are tons to try. Later it is said, "Clothes make the man". And bankers with Hawaiian shirts and skater shorts are still taboo.

8. Mistakes are less bad. It is just "the phase".

Of course, we don't mean stealing cars, smearing the school walls or "letting the class cash with you". But you as a student are more easily forgiven for minor missteps. After all, you're still young and (more or less) in the middle of puberty. Mistakes are just part of the youth - unlike the seasoned supervisory board member.

9. You can still push adulthood a little.

Would you rather save the money because the car insurance will soon be due? Oh, quickly buy another kilo of Haribo and a couple of CDs. Can't sleep at night because you're worried about the future? Nonsense, I'd rather go party and fall into bed happily in the morning. Get up early on Saturdays to be able to do all your shopping? Better to sleep until noon and then plunder the family fridge. Now you can just allow yourself to do it - and give yourself a little more time to grow up.

10. The school madness holds a lot of stuff to smile about.

When it comes to sales, sales, target agreements and job performance, life becomes a lot less fun. Enjoy your time at school as long as you can - and laugh yourself out loud at the weird teacher's sayings and the funny comments from your classmates. The seriousness of life comes soon enough. Now is the time to really enjoy your (student) life!