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My 5 best social media sites where I present my music

Everyone is talking about social media. But maintaining an overview is not exactly easy with this huge range, is it? After a bit of trial and error, I found five social media sites for myself, on which I primarily present my music and which I would recommend for self-marketing as a musician. In this article you will find out which five these are and why these five are exactly.

By Marcel Schindler

My 5 best social media sites where I present my music

We musicians are constantly plagued by the thought of wanting to keep getting better. But that doesn't work in a quiet little room - getting better requires constant feedback from an audience. We have to present, be it quietly on the Internet or at a spontaneous appearance in the pedestrian zone. Only through direct contact with your audience will you find out which music is popular and which is not. It's also a lot of fun to watch the audience.

In the meantime, we can present ourselves everywhere on the Internet: there is unlimited storage space, Clickhoster or P2P ensure that music can easily be brought into circulation. However, many providers miss one crucial point: There is no feedback.

Fortunately, this is not the case everywhere and that's why I've put together a list for you with 5 social media sites to showcase your music on and which can also provide you with feedback:

1. Myspace

Myspace is, so to speak, the grandpa among social networks. It was actually founded by Tom, the first friend of all Myspace users, to give unknown bands a platform on which they could present themselves and their music. This was and is still actively used by many unknown bands, with the difference that now established and well-known artists have discovered this platform for themselves and somehow gained the upper hand.

Since then you can still present your band on Myspace, but the direct feedback for your own productions has fallen by the wayside. Unfortunately, MySpace has lost its former “playground character”. Nevertheless, Myspace is still the best-known and largest social network for musicians today - even if many users are switching more and more to other providers on this list.

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2. Facebook

Facebook has grown enormously in recent months and is increasingly replacing MySpace as a platform for private and now also business contacts. You can find your friends there, write on their wall, send messages and use the network to share YouTube videos or your music with others.

Since news are usually displayed publicly, after logging in you will receive a permanently updated list of aggregated news and short messages from your environment. Often, to put it simply, it is nonsense that does not concern you directly or even interests you. But: Facebook's strength is direct communication with friends by rating posts with "Like" or a real comment in real time.

For musicians, Facebook is not that great at first, because there is no separate music player or a general discussion forum in which you can talk about the music itself. But here, too, one but: Facebook offers the possibility to load so-called apps. With the help of such applications, you can, for example, integrate a music player into your profile. The apps usually come from third-party providers, who of course benefit in some way from the content that is pumped into these applications.

Here it goes on with "My 5 best social media pages, on which I present my music"

As a Facebook musician you should first log in with a normal account and then create a “page” (here: Facebook Guide for Musicians). You can then invite your already networked friends to this page, who will then come out as "fans". True to the pyramid scheme, you can ask your friends to invite friends again, and so on.

Since Facebook offers interfaces to (almost) all other social networks, you can concentrate almost your entire promotion on this one portal. Examples: You can tweet from Facebook, set your status on MeinVZ (also via a Twitter link) or even adjust the messages on Myspace. If you or your band have their own homepage, you can even import the RSS feed into your Facebook page. This way you can always keep your audience up to date with the actions of your band or your music.

If you couple Facebook with a last.fm account, you can even make your favorite songs available to everyone.

3. last.fm

last.fm is basically what is known as an “on-demand internet radio”, a website where you can listen to the music of your choice if you wish. With the help of a plug-in for Winamp, media player or iTunes your personal music profile is created: You hear Nirvana? last.fm may suggest you listen to the Foofighters (founded by Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl). The highlight for us musicians, however, is uploading their own music to last.fm. After uploading, you can choose who your songs are like, such as those from Nirvana.

In addition to the scrobbler, which analyzes your musical taste, the online service last.fm also offers a player: There you can specify that you want to listen to music á la Nirvana. last.fm might then play the FooFighters, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden or maybe your own band for you. The highlight is of course that other listeners and users of last.fm may also get to hear your band's music and thus become (paying) fans - an important tool for guerrilla marketing for your band, so to speak.

4. Soundcloud

This community is still relatively new and is primarily aimed at musicians: You can upload your music here and make it available to others in a player. The player used by Soundcloud not only plays the song, but also displays it as a waveform. The special feature of this service is that other platform users can leave comments on certain passages at precise times.

Another advantage is that the Soundcloud Player (similar to YouTube) can be embedded in other websites. This gives you the opportunity to easily integrate your music on your own website without programming knowledge and also save web space.

Another gimmick: Facebook automatically recognizes links to Soundcloud and automatically integrates the player.

5. Twitter

140 characters change the world: SMS-style short messages are used to let others know when something new has been published on the blog, that you are ready to chat or to express banalities. Some people use the Twitter search in real time to find out what is happening in their place of residence (what happened to the good old window with pillows on the window sill?). The trick for this are the so-called hashtags: terms that you simply put in front of a hash.

For example, if you want to communicate with us via Twitter, you should put in your tweet (not to mention that you can also reach us from @musikproduktion).

By the way, you can follow us here on Twitter.

But Twitter can also be used to present your own music. And it's very easy to do. All you have to do is link your song and use a hashtag to add the appropriate music genre. And yes, that actually helps. I myself love to find music that can be assigned to the music styles #trance or #hardstyle. Via the Twitter search, I also get the latest live sets of the artists and individual songs practically in real time.

Another advantage (in addition to the increasing popularity) of Twitter is the range: Many other social networks are able to read the information on Twitter and use it for themselves. You can use it to publish your messages on an almost unlimited number of networks.

Final thoughts on the 5 best social media sites that I showcase my music on

Of course, these five social networks are just a drop in the ocean. There are tons of other networks that are also available, starting with Jamendo or Myownmusic. Which one you think is the best for you is up to you - but in my opinion you have had the most important ones with the five from this article.

Either way: Providing your own music to a social network and promoting it is at least sometimes better than standing in the pedestrian zone in winter (which also has its own advantages).

And one last tip: Cubase musicians meet in the Cubase forum, Renoisers go to the Renoise forums and Logic users meet in various Mac forums. At this point, too, you can do a promotion for your own music. Just be prepared for the fact that you need a very thick skin for feedback, especially in the forums. But who knows, maybe you will find new fans here too.

And if you need further tips in terms of self-marketing and band promotion, then simply follow the links.

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