Why is my Linksys blinking red

wrt54gl Power LED only flashes

Desinfect 2021 is here - also on a USB stick

Punch card punch 1 day ago Information Recognition and defense

Moin colleagues, The new c't 12/2021 was in the mailbox today. The new disinfect from c't, which has been available to me for over one and a half ...

Email retention guidelines

Solved Michael71 12 hours ago Question Exchange Server

Good morning, my boss had a GDPR course which is nothing bad. Now his question came, should we secure our e-mail after the 10th ...

NTFS authorization does not apply! Knowledge gap!

solvedRG25251 day agoQuestionWindows Server

Hello, I have set permissions for directories on a W2K16 file server. I always explicitly assign sharing and NTFS permissions with security groups. On a ...

ERP system for IT system houses

aquilax9 hours agoQuestionCMS

Hello, I work in an IT system house. We are looking for a new ERP system that is tailored to our industry. So that my ...

Driver out of date?

Nix Understand 1 day ago General Humor (lol)

I should urgently update the drivers on my Hyper-V host :-)