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Mathematics is a kind of toy that nature throws at us for comfort and entertainment in the dark.

Insofar as the propositions of mathematics relate to reality, they are not certain, and insofar as they are certain they do not relate to reality. Mathematical theories about reality are always unsecured - if they are certain, it is not about reality.

Since the mathematicians attacked the theory of relativity, I have not understood it myself anymore.

You have to be a philosopher to file an income tax return. It's too difficult for a mathematician.

Mathematics deals exclusively with the relationships between concepts, regardless of their relation to experience.

Make things as simple as possible - but not simpler.

What really matters is intuition.

Order only needs the stupid, the genius rules the chaos.

Equations are more important to me because politics is for the present, but an equation for the ages.

Every profound natural scientist must have a kind of religious feeling because he is unable to imagine that he is the first to think about the uncommonly fine connections that he sees. In the incomprehensible universe a limitlessly superior reason reveals itself. The popular idea that I am an atheist is based on a great fallacy. Anyone who reads them out of my scientific theories has hardly understood them.

Mathematics is the alphabet with which God wrote the world.

Whoever understands geometry can understand everything in this world.

Quod erat demonstrandum.

Religion and mathematics are just different expressions of the same divine accuracy.

So mathematics can be defined as the science in which we never know what we are talking about and never know whether what we are saying is true.

Bertrand Russell, 1872-1970, engl. Phiosoph

Life is pleasant in ignorance alone.

Beliefs are worse enemies of truth than lies.

As is well known, in order to successfully refute a wrong idea, one has to write an entire book, and one does not convince the person who has said that.

The safety experts of the technocratic rulers prefer to use mathematics for their lies, because the man on the street has respect for this language.

Nature is written in the language of mathematics.

Nowhere do we find a contradiction between religion and science. They are not mutually exclusive, as some believe and fear these days, but complement and condition one another.

The more cheese, the more holes.
The more holes, the less cheese.
Ergo: the more cheese, the less cheese.

If five people go into a room and six come out, one has to come back in so that the room is empty.

The circle is a geometric figure in which all corners and ends have been saved.

He was a mathematician and she was unpredictable.

Mathematics is one of those expressions of the human mind that are least dependent on climate, language, or tradition.

Ilja Ehrenburg, 1891-1967, Russian Soviet. writer

I do not agree with the math. I think a sum of zeros is a dangerous number.

Stanislaw Jerzy Lec, Polish satirist

Numbers are symbols of the ephemeral.

Oswald Srengler, German philosopher of history

Anyone who cannot think of a point is simply too lazy to do so.

Wilhelm Busch, German poet

Some people have a zero radius of view and call it their point of view.

David Hilbert, German mathematician

Mathematics is not detrimental to the love instinct.

Paul Möbius, German psychiatrist

There is no cheerful relationship to be won with mathematicians.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet

Sometimes politics is like math: one mistake everyone makes is eventually recognized as the rule.

Manfred Rommel, German politician

A caricaturist must understand how to pull the roots out of a face as a mathematician does from a number.

Olaf Gulbransson, Norwegian graphic artist

The imagination works no less in a creative mathematician than in an inventive poet.

Jean Baptiste le Rond d'Alembert

There are things that seem incredible to most people who haven't studied math.

At the beginning of this century, a self-destructive democratic principle was introduced into mathematics (especially by Hilbert), according to which all axiom systems have the same right to analysis and the value of a mathematical achievement is determined not by its importance and its usefulness for other disciplines, but just by the difficulty, as in mountaineering. This principle quickly led mathematicians to break with physics and isolate themselves from all other sciences. In the eyes of all normal people they turned into an obscure priestly caste ... Strange questions like Fermat's problem or sums of prime numbers were raised to supposedly central problems in mathematics.

Vladimir Igorevich Arnold

Nobody can come to the knowledge of divine and human things who has not learned mathematics thoroughly beforehand.

Just as musicians recognize Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert after the first chords, mathematicians could recognize their Cauchy, Gauss, Jacobi or Helmholtz after a few pages.

Since the time of the Greeks, to say "mathematics" has meant to say "proof".

If we cannot approach the divine in any other way than through symbols, we will use mathematical symbols most appropriately, for these have indestructible certainty.

Knowledge of the divine is unattainable for a mathematically completely uneducated person.

What can be proven should not be believed in science without proof.

Of all those who have so far searched for the truth, mathematicians alone have been able to find a number of proofs, from which it follows that their subject must have been the easiest of all.

Mathematics is one of those expressions of the human mind that are least dependent on climate, language, or tradition.

Insofar as the propositions of mathematics relate to reality, they are not certain, and insofar as they are certain they do not relate to reality.

God is a child and when he started playing he was doing math. It is the most divine gimmick among humans.

This is a means not to miss Paradise: on the one hand a mathematician, on the other a Jesuit; you have to go your own way with this company, or you never make it.

Morality has more value to society than any Newtonian calculation.

Math is a witty luxury.

Whoever understands geometry can understand everything in this world.

The lack of mathematical education is in no way so obvious as through excessive sharpness in numerical arithmetic.

It is not knowing, but learning, not owning, but acquiring, not being but getting there, that gives the greatest pleasure.

Nothing is done if there is still something left to do.

Mathematicians are a kind of French: if you speak to them, they translate it into their language, and then it is something else.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The mathematicians are foolish fellows and are so far removed from even guessing what matters that one has to let their conceit over them.
I am very curious about the first person who sees the matter and behaves honestly about it: for not all of them have a board in front of their heads, and not all have bad will.
Incidentally, on this occasion it becomes more and more clear to me what I have secretly known for a long time, that the culture which mathematics gives the spirit is extremely one-sided and limited.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It cannot be denied that much of elementary mathematics is of considerable practical use. But those pieces of math are pretty boring overall. These are the very parts of math that have the least aesthetic value. The “real” mathematics of the “real” mathematicians, the mathematics of Fermat, Gauss, Abel and Riemann is almost completely “useless”.

Much knowledge does not mean understanding.

There is the problem, find the solution. You can find it through pure thinking; because in mathematics there is no ignorance.

Mathematics alone satisfies the mind through its extraordinary certainty.

All educators agree: one must above all do a good amount of mathematics, because knowledge of it is of the greatest direct benefit in practical life.

Mathematics, like godliness, is useful for all things, but like this, not for everyone.

God made the whole numbers, everything else is human work.

People who do not know anything about algebra also cannot imagine the wonderful things that one can get with the help of said science.

The only way to improve our conclusions is to make them as vivid as those of mathematicians, in such a way that one can find one's error with one's eyes and, when there are disputes among people, one need only say: "Let's do the math!" Without any further formality to see who is right.

The so-called mathematicians by profession, based on the immaturity of the rest of the population, have acquired a profound credit which bears much resemblance to that of holiness which theologians have for themselves.

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Mathematics is a wonderful science, but mathematicians are often unsuitable for the hangman. It's almost like mathematics like theology. Just as the latter, especially when they are in office, claim a special credit of holiness and a closer relationship with God, although many of them are really good-for-nothing, so very often the so-called mathematician demands to be taken for a deeper thinker whether there are the greatest junkheads one can find right below it, unsuitable for any business that requires thought, unless it can be done directly through that easy combination of signs which are more the work of routine than thought.

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

I believe that, in the strictest sense, there is only one science for man, and that is pure mathematics. For this we need nothing more than our mind.

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

A good math theorem is always better than a whole dozen mediocre learned treatises.

The best of all languages ​​in the world is an artificial language, a fairly compact language, the language of mathematics.

Nikolai Ivanovic Lobachevsky

Not that the more insight into the method of mathematics would necessarily be said much more clever, but certainly much less unwise would be said.

In mathematical questions one shouldn't ignore even the smallest mistake.

Because of my subject, I am used to certain kinds of perfection. One of them is mathematics, which, if you dig deeper into it, reveals the spherical nature of high poetry, devoid of the unpredictable and, if we are honest, the bogus human.

Everything has to be proven, and in proving one must not use anything but axioms and previously proven propositions.

The mathematicians, who are only mathematicians, think correctly, but only on condition that all things are explained to them by definitions and principles; otherwise they are limited and unbearable, because they only think correctly when it comes to very clear principles.

Mathematics as a subject is so serious that no opportunity should be missed to make it more entertaining.

Arithmetic is the bond of nature that saves us from error in the search for truth, and the basic pillar of calm and prosperity that only a careful and careful professional life can bring to people's children.

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

I have rarely met a mathematician who was able to draw reasonable conclusions.

Evidence that is not strict is nothing.

Irrefutable - your name is math. If the representatives of the natural sciences are to be satisfied with the obvious, the mathematician needs the proof.

Mathematics contains not only truth, but also the utmost beauty - a beauty cool and strict like that of a marble statue, but without any effect on that part of our nature that we attribute to instincts, without the shining state that painting and music can make of sublime purity and capable of the strictest perfection that only very great art can show. The essence of delight, being outside of oneself, the feeling of being more than a person, which is a test of the highest achievement, can be found just as surely in mathematics as in poetry.

So mathematics can be defined as the science in which we never know what we are talking about and never know whether what we are talking about is true.

Since the simplest of claims began to be proven, many of them have been proven false.

That the lowest activity is arithmetic is shown by the fact that it is the only one which can also be carried out by a machine. But now everything is running analysis finitorum et infinitorum basically back to calculation. Then measure the mathematical profundity.

Mathematics is the queen of all sciences. Her favorite is truth, her clothes simplicity and clarity. Their palace is overgrown with thorn trees, whoever wants to get to it has to fight their way through this thicket. A casual traveler will not find anything attractive in the palace. Its beauty opens only to the mind which loves truth, which has become hard in overcoming difficulties and which is the witness of man’s amazing propensity for confused but inexhaustible and sublime spiritual pleasures.

When is the joy greatest? When you achieve what you want.

There is no credibility whatsoever in those sciences which do not make use of the mathematical sciences or have no connection to them.

God exists because the math is consistent; the devil exists because we can't prove it.

Logic is the hygiene that mathematicians use to keep their thoughts healthy and vigorous.

We now come to the crucial step of mathematical abstraction: we forget what the symbols stand for. [...] [The mathematician] does not need to put his hands on his lap; there are many operations he can perform on these symbols without ever having to look at the things they represent.

Math is like Ophelia in Hamlet - charming and a bit mad.

Mathematics is the instrument that mediates between theory and practice, between thinking and observing: it builds the connecting bridge and makes it ever more sustainable. Hence it is that our whole contemporary culture, in so far as it is based on the spiritual penetration and utilization of nature, finds its basis in mathematics.

Mathematics is a wonderful teacher of the art of organizing thoughts, eliminating nonsense and creating clarity.

There are things that seem incredible to most people who have not studied math.

Those who blame the sublime wisdom of mathematics feed on confusion.

It is unbelievable how ignorant the young students at universities get, if I only do 10 minutes of math or geometry, a quarter of them gently fall asleep.

One must study mathematics because it organizes thoughts.

Funny examples sometimes carry more weight than serious ones.

The first rule to follow in math is to be exact. The second rule is to be clear and precise and, if possible, simple.

There are no authorities in mathematics. The only argument for the truth is evidence.

One must not confuse what seems improbable and unnatural to us with what is absolutely impossible.

You wanted algebra, there you have the salad.

In the large garden of geometry, everyone can pick a bouquet according to their taste.

A math problem can sometimes be as fun as a crossword puzzle, and tense mental work can be as desirable an exercise as a quick game of tennis.

Thinking is one of the greatest pleasures of the human race.

Nature speaks the language of mathematics: the letters of this language are triangles, circles and other mathematical figures.

All divine messengers must be mathematicians.

I have to prove this cheese, otherwise the work is dubious.

So far it has not been proven that anything is difficult in mathematics.

The decisive criterion is beauty; There is no permanent place in this world for ugly mathematics.

Math is the perfect way to fool yourself.

The life of the gods is math.