How do rainforests benefit people

Rainforests against climate change

Our generation forests are near-natural rainforests that will stay forever. Through sustainable forestry, under fair conditions on site, we generate a green dividend for our members and actively fight against climate change.

Climate protection &
CO2 compensation

We plant tropical forests to counteract ongoing deforestation and to remove CO2 from the atmosphere with our generational forests: According to an independent study, this is 14 tons of CO2 per hectare of forest every year. Instead of relying on technical innovations for storing CO2, we offer a natural solution that has been tried and tested for thousands of years.

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Nature and species protection, protection against pandemics

Tropical rainforests cover only 8% of the earth's land area, at the same time 50% of all living things on the land live in them. By expanding and networking existing habitats, we preserve biodiversity and help strengthen the natural resilience of ecosystems. The decline in natural habitats is one of the factors that can contribute to the development of pandemics.

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Slow Finance:
A green investment that makes sense

Our form of investment is patient, because the value grows with our forests. And valuable, tropical precious woods grow in these. Through sustainable forestry, we generate a green dividend for our cooperative members and consistently refrain from speculative assumptions such as rising wood and land prices.

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Fair work, fair trade, local social conditions

Doing good with money: Our approach finds a balance between economic, ecological and social aspects. We work on an equal footing with the local people and create fair, social and long-term jobs. Many tropical woods are produced at the expense of humans and nature. We stand for fair trade, fair jobs and fairly produced tropical wood.

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The climate protection cooperative

We are lucky to have people from all over the world in our ranks. Our members are from zero to 88 years old. We are students, parents, teenagers, managing directors, teachers, ecos, traditional people, truck drivers, doctors, pensioners, associations, foundations and companies. We come from Colombia, Germany, Panama, Malaysia, France, Austria, Spain, the USA, Bolivia and Switzerland.


Cooperative capital

What our members say

  • We as the non-profit GLS Treuhand eV have become a member of the cooperative because we see the idea of ​​the "generation forests" of The Generation Forest and Futuro Forestal as a possibility and opportunity to combine common good, ecology and economic goals in the field of international forestry in a compatible way To bring harmony.

    Dr. Hermann Falk

    Board of Directors GLS Treuhand e.V.

  • I take responsibility for what we do with our world. Forests are essential for our future, and not just those on our doorstep.

    Dannie Quilitzsch

  • I am a member of The Generation Forest because money has to contribute to solving acute ecological and social problems instead of increasing them.

    Ralph Suikat

    Managing Director of Fair Responsibility AG

  • It doesn't matter whether the return benefits me or my heirs. I am convinced that my investment in The Generation Forest will have an impact that will primarily benefit the next generation.

    Sybille Lichtenfeld

  • I represent the cooperative at regional sustainability events. Through my commitment I make a contribution to the preservation and reforestation of the species-rich rainforests. It gives me incredible pleasure to inspire other people with our vision.

    Julian Storch

  • I believe in investing with a purpose - in capital as a force for good. Preserving nature and investing at the same time - this is a good choice for the world in which we live.

    Eugenia Trujillo


  • The Generation Forest offers me the opportunity to build something meaningful and sustainable with my money. The more people support this, the more we can achieve!

    Yannick Müller

  • Because forests are an important and sustainable raw material of the future and in the fight against climate change. Also great: the close cooperation with the local people.

    Tina Rudolph


Become part of our cooperative
and let your money have a lasting effect

A forest share with us is a simple way to invest sustainably and to do good in the process. The generation forest is unique and ensures a balance between people, the environment and returns. Each share plants 500m² of new generation forest.

Join the cooperative

We are known from:

Sustainable partnership for companies:
CSR programs and CO2 compensation through reforestation with meaning

Climate Social Club

Our CSR programs are always based on an honest commitment to people, the climate and the environment from an ethical, social and ecological point of view.

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We are part of the climate solution

The committee of the Keeling Curve Prize agrees. The international Keeling Curve Prize is awarded every year to companies and projects that contribute to solving the climate crisis with their work. We are proud that this year we have been selected from 300 other companies and awarded with our generational forest principle.

Article in ARD Weltspiegel from January 31, 2021

Panama: tropical wood against climate change

From our magazine

Here we write about the latest developments in our projects and the cooperative. In addition, we deal with topics that affect our projects and work: Climate change and its consequences, green investments, CO2 compensation and much more.

Sustainable reforestation: planting rainforests with foresight

Wouldn't it make sense to plant as many trees as possible in order to bind as much climate-damaging carbon dioxide as possible from the atmosphere? Definitely! It is even better to create entire forests. Preferably rainforests, because they grow quickly.

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Would you like to find out more?

Find out more about our cooperative, our goals and our work on site with our free brochure. Our reforestation with the generation forest has many advantages.

Each share corresponds to 500m ² generation forest and ...

  • offsets 0.7 tons of CO2 per year
  • protects 500m² of new habitat for animals
  • creates long-term jobs through sustainable management
  • generates a long-term, green return
  • is available from € 1369 - rates from € 25 / month possible
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