What is reactive marketing

reactive - active - proactive

(Article in the online administration lexicon olev.de, Version 1.23r)

Act only / only on impulse from outside, due to errors, defects, demands, in contrast to active or proactive action

active, energetic, in contrast to »reactive: with the intention of consciously influencing the development, taking the lead, taking initiative, avoiding deficiencies / undesirable developments instead of (reactively) eliminating deficiencies only when they have occurred. That requires thinking ahead into the future. In contrast to »proactive, this forward thinking is limited: it is not taken into account that things can develop differently and therefore must be planned for these different scenarios.

Early and differentiated preparation for at least two different environmental constellations or conscious shaping of selected strategic facts in one direction (initiative activity) (according to Ch. Scholz, PersManagement, 5th edition, 2000, p. 89). Proactive management activities could also be triggered by foreseeable internal developments, e.g. the foreseeable development of the workforce in different constellations on the apprenticeship or labor market. B.K.

See activity levels.


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