What is a product catalog

Product catalog

1. term: A product catalog is a structured representation of products that are classified on the basis of defined characteristics, such as services, price or conditions. Both hierarchization and networking are used as principles of order. In the first case, one characteristic is assigned to exactly one category, while with networked structures, one characteristic can be part of several higher-level categories. This is particularly the case when using the modular system that is used in mass customization. When putting together these individualized products, so-called configurators guide the user through the configuration process. If the products come from several suppliers, they are also referred to as electronic marketplaces, as there is the possibility of a competitive comparison. Another criterion is the support of the entire transaction process, which not only includes the configuration and comparison function, but also the possibility of ordering the products selected in a shopping cart, as well as delivery and payment.

2. example: In the banking sector, product catalogs primarily form the basis for consultations with customers or for Internet-based product configuration by the customer himself. In addition to the provider-related solutions on the websites of individual banks, there are also comparison portals (e.g. Check24) that compare the product components of several providers according to defined criteria . In addition to these fields of application in the field of customer interaction (B2C), product catalogs can also be found as service catalogs for structuring bank-internal services within the framework of service-oriented architectures.