What is a digital therapeutic

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Digital Therapeutics (DTx)
DTx (German "Digital Therapeutics") set new standards for the treatment of diseases. These are evidence-based therapeutic interventions carried out by software for the prevention or treatment of diseases. In Germany, a certified digital health application (DiGA) can be called a DTx.
Digital Supply Act (DVG)
The law, which came into force in December 2019, aims to improve healthcare through digitization and innovation with the following priorities: (1) Doctors can prescribe health apps (DiGAs), (2) Patients can access their health data to be saved in an electronic patient file (EPR) and (3) the video consultation is strengthened.
Digital health application (DiGA)
With the DVG, the "App on Prescription" was introduced as a digital health application (DiGA) for patients in health care at the end of 2019. However, so that an app can be prescribed by doctors and then billed to the health insurance company, it must be recognized as a DiGA.
Digital care applications (DiPA)
DiPAs are digital solutions, similar to DiGA, but for the care market. These could be digital training courses and exercises that improve or stabilize the patient's state of health.
Digital Supply and Care Modernization Act (DVPMG)
The DVPMG is Spahn’s third digitization law to modernize care and nursing. The law is due to come into force in mid-2021 and introduces the digital care application (DiPA), analogous to DiGA. In addition, regulations on DiGA are specified and other functions of the ePA and the e-prescription expanded. The video consultation hours are also being expanded and the basis for modernizing the telematics infrastructure (TI) is being laid.
Federal Joint Committee (G-BA)
The G-BA represents the highest body of self-administration in the German health care system. It is mandated by the legislature to make legally binding decisions in many areas about the benefit entitlement of those with statutory health insurance.
Hospital Future Act (KHZG)
The KHZG is creating an investment program through which the federal and state governments have provided a total of 4.3 billion euros since January 1, 2021, so that hospitals can invest in modern emergency capacities, the development of a digital infrastructure and their IT security.
Patient Data Protection Act (PDSG)
The “Law on the Protection of Electronic Patient Data in Telematics Infrastructure”, which came into force in October 2020, builds on the DVG by further developing the electronic patient record (ePA) functions and introducing mandatory e-prescriptions (and as an app). In addition, the basis for a digital transfer slip is laid and voluntary data donation is introduced.
Telematics Infrastructure (TI)
Telematics refers to the networking of various IT structures. The telematics infrastructure (TI) is intended to network all players in the healthcare system and is being developed by gematik. The TI is also known as the “data highway” of the healthcare system.
Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC)
VBHC is an approach to the restructuring of health systems that maximizes the added value for the patient - in other words, it relies on value-based rather than volume-based care.
Electronic patient record (ePA)
From January 1, 2021, those with statutory health insurance have the right to use an ePA. In the ePA, health data of the insured person is stored independently of the service provider.
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