Killed Harry Hedwig

Could Snape have killed this character to save someone else's life?

Here is the "theory". A single Tumblr post that was shared a lot:

Sooo, the Death Eater who kills Hedwig is actually Snape, and he killed Hedwig so the other Death Eaters and Voldemort wouldn't know that it was Harry and he was actually trying to protect Harry OMG all along

In the books

Hedwig was seen when two Death Eaters were chasing Harry. It was visible and seen by both.

It was Harry's "signature charm" that revealed his identity. Hedwig could have been kept with any of them.

' Expelliarmus! Yelled Harry.
"That's him, it's him, it's the real one!"
The scream of the hooded Death Eater even reached Harry over the thunder of the motorcycle engine: In the next moment, both pursuers had fallen back and disappeared from view.

A personal appearance from Voldemort followed because they knew this was the real Potter. It had nothing to do with the owl.

As mentioned earlier, Snape was about to Sectumsempra towards one of the twins throw .

In the movie

Here Hedwig is giving away the real Harry by giving him in front of you Avada Kadavra protects that is directed towards its people. At this point there is only one Death Eater, but as soon as Hedwig intercepts the Death Spell, the Death Eater withdraws.

The plot in the film is that Hedwig's appearance pointed to the real Potter and the retreating Death Eater then alerted Voldemort, who then showed up. Only one Death Eater witnessed Hedwig's appearance. Voldemort appears immediately afterwards.

If it had been Snape killing Hedwig to protect Harry, Voldemort would not have shown up.


No, this theory does not contain water for either the book or film version of events.