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Less is more: Tips for a minimalist life (part 1)


“Minimalism defines the conscious renunciation of consumption and offers an alternative to the consumer-oriented, affluent society. "

I do not think so. Minimalists also consume, and often more than the average non-minimalist. They have smartphones, tablets, laptops, wear functional clothing, read books, etc. And that is ultimately nothing other than consumption, because humans do not need any of these things to survive.

The essential basic human needs are shelter, food, clothing, personal hygiene, social contacts and, in the worst case, medical help. And everything that goes beyond that is and remains consumption. The non-minimalist probably owns. a Blu-Ray player while the minimalist doesn't have one, but instead wears a sinfully expensive functional jacket with the paw from the “Eco” collection and persuades himself that it is of high quality and sustainably produced. But that this jacket is made of recycled PET bottles, that its production devours a lot of resources, that it is also completely overpriced and that he does not need it in the end, but he does not come to that.

Here's a little anecdote:

A minimalist and a non-minimalist sit together over a bottle of beer. The minimalist is now trying to proselytize the non-minimalist. He says, “You have a TV. You don't need it and it also contains toxins ”. The non-minimalist replied: “It might be, but you have a tablet. Where is the difference? ”“ Hmm… ”replied the minimalist“ you are absolutely right, but I live car-free and you don't. So I live more environmentally conscious like you ”. “It may be that you don't have a car,” replied the non-minamlist, “but you can only do that because you live alone and in the city. I, on the other hand, have a small house with a garden where my great-grandfather lived, have to look after a family and commute to work. In addition, you do not live consistently car-free; because you use the city bus, drive in shared vehicles, use car sharing and sometimes let yourself be driven home in a taxi after a night of partying. ”The minimalist then said nothing more, paid for his beer and walked away.

Modern minimalism is nothing more than consumption under the guise of supposed sustainability.

With that in mind, have a nice day
Best regards from Neffhausen