Why do directors type actors


Bjarne Mädel shot his directorial debut SÖRENSEN HAT ANGST from February 19 to March 20, 2020 in the district of Friesland (Varel), Butjadingen and Bremerhaven. For the NDR television film he stands in front of the camera as Chief Detective Sörensen, who is transferred from Hamburg to the Frisian village of Katenbüll after a two-year career break. In the rainy place, the investigator, who is plagued by anxiety disorders, does not expect a leisurely day-to-day work: A murder, a missing child and other events in the village put Sörensen under increasing pressure when he starts again.

On February 28, the team of the nordmedia-funded TV feature film, produced by Claussen + Putz Filmproduktion GmbH, invited to the press conference on the set in Bremerhaven. At the fishing port, key scenes were created that give the film the decisive twist. Indoor and outdoor shots were shot at a fictional meat factory with Peter Kurth, Matthias Brandt and Katrin Wichmann. The main location, however, is Varel in the district of Friesland. "There we found the home for our fictional village Katenbüll with many motifs," says producer Jakob Claussen.

Sven Stricker wrote the screenplay for SÖRENSEN HAT ANGST based on the novel and Dlf culture crime radio play. The main character was inspired and developed by Bjarne Mädel. “When it became clear that we could film the material, we were very afraid that a director might come and not tell this story the way we had in mind. That was actually the main drive to move to the other side of the camera, ”says Mädel.

With cast and crew, long-term partnerships are the basis for success: “The position of cameraman Kristian Leschner, who not only takes great pictures, but also thinks in terms of content, is more or less a co-director. The preparation with him and my assistant director Christoph Holsten now forms the basis for a previously relaxed atmosphere during the shoot. In order to make a (hopefully) good film as a director, you need a good script, a great ensemble, which I was able to put together with caster Nina Haun, a technically and personally fine team, exciting motifs that we found here on the coast of Lower Saxony and you need trust from the production and the broadcaster. Here, too, I have extremely competent backing with Jakob Claussen and Christian Granderath ”.

Bjarne Mädel also spoke about the advantages and challenges of three personalities he has to deal with on this project - the director, the main actor and himself: “The player does exactly what I tell him. Now and then I wish he would surprise me more, but you can't have everything ”.

At the side of Bjarne Mädel, Matthias Brandt, Peter Kurth and Katrin Wichmann, among others, Leo Meier, Claude Heinrich and Anne Ratte-Polle play. SÖRENSEN HAT ANGST is expected to be seen at Das Erste at the end of 2021.

Photos: © Michael Ihle