What is the best design for subwoofer boxes


  • The best subwoofers are able to reproduce low audio frequencies in the range from 20 Hz. A normal loudspeaker can usually not do this. The following applies to a subwoofer test: the lower the audio frequency, the better the bass.
  • The range includes so-called active subwoofers and passive subwoofers. An active subwoofer uses an integrated amplifier. This design is ideal for expanding an existing sound system.
  • In terms of their functional principle, subwoofers for cars do not differ from subwoofers for home cinema. However, they are made more compact. They are offered without a housing. The loudspeaker is then installed, for example, in the door or in the rear shelf.

Do you enjoy listening to good music with a lot of bass? Then a subwoofer is essential for your music enjoyment. The loudspeakers are available as active and passive subwoofers. Accordingly, you have the choice between a subwoofer with and without an amplifier.

But which offer is particularly convincing for your home theater or music system? To make the purchase decision easier for you, we have in our Subwoofer buying advice 2021 compiled the most important facts. Find out what wattage the speaker should have, which subwoofer cable is good, and what the cost of a good subwoofer is.

1. Enjoy music in the best possible sound - always with a lot of bass

High-quality subwoofers cannot be located in the room and do not overwhelm the other speakers.

There are a number of musical genres that cannot do without a deep bassline. If you want to enjoy the best sound with your hi-fi system, the speakers are crucial. There are many offers for speakers:

  • Floorstanding loudspeakers
  • Stereo boxes
  • Tweeter speakers
  • Wall speaker
  • Speaker systems
  • Soundbar

In order to hear the deep tones clearly and powerfully, a subwoofer, also known as a sub among real Audi fans, is an indispensable part of the speaker set. A distinction is made here as to whether the loudspeaker is active or whether it is a passive subwoofer. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages. The Active subwoofers are usually the clear winners in the test for subwoofers:

  • Subwoofer with amplifier
  • Can be integrated into existing systems
  • Compact in design
  • Expensive
  • Requires a power supply

2. Car hi-fi range and models for domestic use

The subwoofers also differ in the categories for the car and for domestic use or use with full-fledged music systems. The Car subwoofers are offered as subwoofer modulesthat can be built into the car. But it is also possible to integrate a subwoofer with a housing in the vehicle.

These extensive sound systems need a lot of space. These offers are not practical for the normal use of the car radio.

Tip: If you want to build a subwoofer yourself, you can combine a car subwoofer with a subwoofer housing. You can get subwoofer empty enclosures in many sizes and designs.

2.1. There are two types of subwoofers: active and passive

When comparing subwoofers, there is constant talk of passive and active subwoofers. For the layman, however, it is not always clear what this is actually about. The subwoofer with amplifier is said to be active, but what exactly does this mean for the device?

Type of subwooferdescription
Active subwoofer
  • The audio signal can be transmitted directly from the system
  • Subwoofer equipped with power amplifier
  • Uses its own power supply
  • Suitable for all types of hi-fi systems
Passive subwoofer
  • Subwoofer needs preamplifier
  • Amplifier outputs signal in suitable impedance
  • Not suitable for systems without a separate amplifier

In a subwoofer test, the offers for passive subwoofers only play a subordinate role. The subwoofers with preamplifiers are not used in the home, in particular. They are very suitable for the professional environment.

2.2. Buy the right subwoofer accessories

Housings covered with felt minimize the amount of vibration.

You can buy a subwoofer that works without any problems integrate directly into the hi-fi system leaves. It is also possible to get individual components. A subwoofer box without an interior is suitable if you want to build your own loudspeaker. Other possible components are:

  • spikes
  • Subwoofer cable
  • membrane

It is not that easy to build good subwoofers yourself. A finished subwoofer enclosure guarantees that you are using at least a good sound box.

3. Subwoofer buying advice: Easily buy the best subwoofer

In a test for subwoofers, the range can seem overwhelming. Cheap Subwoofers are available from 90 euros. Other models bring up to 500 euros on the receipt. There are also differences in the frequency range and wattage.

Look at these purchase criteria to find the right subwoofer for your application:

  • Power watt)
  • Weight (kg)
  • Loudspeaker principle
  • Assembly
  • Nominal power (W)
  • Transmission range (Hz)
  • Adjustable frequency limit
  • casing
  • Dimensions (mm)
  • Phase adjustable

3.1. Nominal power in watts is decisive

The nominal power refers to the power of the subwoofer amplifier - it is only given for active devices. It is named in watts. in the The wattage of the subwoofers is mid-range at around 200 watts. But if the device should have a lot of oomph, you can also get offers such as the Magnat subwoofer, which offer up to 550 watts.

The more power, the louder and deeper the sound can be reproduced clearly. Always think of the neighbors when buying a subwoofer with a high wattage.

3.2. Note equipment and transmission frequency

The equipment indicates the type of woofer with which the loudspeaker box is equipped. The larger the woofer, the deeper the possible sound reproduction. The membrane should have a Have a diameter of at least 16 cm - This applies to small subwoofers that are used in a car, for example.

For home use, models with a 25 cm membrane are good. Of course, there are also larger offers here. Among other things, there are subwoofers from Teufel that have a decent 35 cm membrane diameter.

Danger:The human ear is usually not able to perceive frequencies below 20 Hz. Offers with less than 20 Hz are meant nicely, but only make a real difference for very few people.

4. Subwoofer cables: Good cables make a real difference

A subwoofer cable is a normal audio cable. The cables differ in the type of connections, among other things. You get cables with Clinch plug, 3.5 mm jack or a banana plug. It is important that the plugs match your set-up.

The quality of the cable itself can vary greatly. Very good cables are Multiple sheathed and double shielded against magnetic fields. Such a cable can also transmit the audio signal over long distances without loss.

Special loudspeaker boxes such as a subwoofer soundbar completely dispense with a cable. The data transfer is ensured via Bluetooth or WLAN. This subwoofer in the hi-fi system offers good sound in a compact form.

5. Questions and answers on the subject of subwoofers

5.1. Which manufacturers and brands are there?

The typical subwoofer test winner is a Yamaha subwoofer or a Pioneer subwoofer. JBL subwoofers can convince in tests and comparisons with a fair price-performance ratio. A Canton subwoofer often comes in a modern and futuristic design. In addition to these well-known brands, these are also very popular:

You can choose from many designs for the subwoofer.

  • JBL
  • devil
  • Magnate
  • Klipsch
  • Canton
  • Yamaha
  • Medion
  • Logitech

To secure a good offer, you should expect costs of around 150 euros. Very good subwoofers with a decent sound performance even with loud playback are available from 250 euros.

5.2. When do you need an active subwoofer?

The active subwoofer is the simplest solution if you want that Integrate loudspeakers into an existing hi-fi system without an amplifier. The amplifier is integrated into the subwoofer. In addition, this is always a subwoofer with an output stage.

5.3. What for subwoofer spikes?

What is a power amplifier?

The output stage in an amplifier determines the final power stage before the signal is output. The more powerful the output stage, the higher the power of the amplifier and thus the power of the subwoofer.

Subwoofer spikes attach to the bottom of the subwoofer cabinett. You lift the entire speaker slightly. The vibrations and the sound frequency of the subwoofer are therefore not emitted into the floor.

The spikes thus minimize the sound transmission to the adjoining rooms. This is especially useful if you live on a higher floor. The neighbors among you will thank you.

You get the spikes made of plastic and metal. They are glued on or plugged into the housing or nailed down.

5.4. Subwoofer - what is a crossover?

The subwoofer can reproduce sounds within a certain frequency range. The cross-over frequency, also known as the crossover frequency, indicates the upper limit of the sound reproduction.

If the frequency played in lies above the crossover frequency, the loudspeaker does not reproduce it. This is important if you want to avoid having the tones overlap with those of the other boxes in the room. Good subwoofers allow you to set the crossover frequency individually. The adjustable frequency range is usually between 30 and 150 Hz.

5.5. What to do with the subwoofer?

The subwoofer should be placed in such a way that the vibrations of the sound transmission cannot be located separately. So you don't want to have the feeling of hearing the direction from which the bass is sounding - the bass should fill the room. If the crossover frequency is below 100 Hz, this is possible without any problems. Accordingly, the subwoofer can be set up anywhere in the room.

5.6. What is the loudest subwoofer?

A normal subwoofers can handle a volume of up to 100 dB without distortion. Anything that goes about it needs very good boxes. And because normal or very good is not enough for one or the other, three men have set themselves the task of building a really loud subwoofer: Richard Clark, David Navone and Mark Eldridge have built a subwoofer with a diameter of 60 inches. This device brings 166 dB with it.

5.7. Is there already a test from Stiftung Warentest?

So far, Stiftung Warentest has not yet implemented testing subwoofers for their performance. Hence there is unfortunately no official subwoofer test winner of the foundation yet. But you will find a lot of interesting information on the subject of sound and hi-fi on the website. Among other things, stereo systems, sound bars and speaker systems were tested.

What grades did the individual subwoofers receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal subwoofer test winner from the following list:

  • First place - very good: Omega CS 12 from Magnat - exemplary internet price: 999 euros
  • Second place - very good: r-12sw from Klipsch - exemplary internet price: 299 euros
  • Third place - good: Sub 8.3 from Canton - exemplary internet price: 333 euros
  • Fourth place - good: E-9 F from DALI - exemplary internet price: 532 euros
  • Fifth place - good: AS 85.3 SC from Canton - exemplary internet price: 236 euros
  • Sixth place - good: SUB 600 from Canton - exemplary internet price: 358 euros
  • Seventh place - good: Hype 10 G2 from Mivoc - exemplary internet price: 155 euros
  • Eighth place - good: PSW10E-BK from Polk Audio - exemplary internet price: 199 euros
  • Ninth place - good: NS-SW100 from Yamaha - exemplary internet price: 188 euros
  • Tenth place - good: NS-SW050 Black 50 from Yamaha - exemplary internet price: 148 euros

The list shows: From the total of 7 different manufacturers, the subwoofers are divided into 2 "very good" subwoofers and 8 "good" subwoofers. The comparison winner Omega CS 12 from Magnat received the best award among all ratings and costs only 999.00 euros at the same time.

With 3 products, the subwoofer manufacturer Canton has the most subwoofers in the comparison table for subwoofer comparison.

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How many different manufacturers were compared and rated by the editors in a subwoofer comparison?

Our editorial team has examined and compared 10 different subwoofers from 7 manufacturers in order to offer you the best product selection. More information "

How much do the best subwoofers cost in a subwoofer comparison?

The best product in the subwoofer comparison, our comparison winner Omega CS 12 from Magnat, is available for 999.00 euros. However, if you do not want to spend so much money on a subwoofer, you can orientate yourself on our price-performance winner r-12sw from Klipsch. More information "

Which of the subwoofers is rated and described by a large number of customers?

The Klipsch subwoofer is particularly well-known because over 1400 customers gave their first impressions after purchasing and rated the Klipsch r-12sw. More information "

Which subwoofers did the editorial team give particularly good marks?

The editors awarded the rating "VERY GOOD" several times and identified the following 2 subwoofers in particular: Omega CS 12 from Magnat and r-12sw from Klipsch. More information "

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