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Brew your own beer

Brew your own beer - here we show you how!

Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink. A large number of different varieties are available which are ideal as a companion to food. All of these varieties can be made yourself with little effort.

A German citizen drinks around 110 liters of beer a year on average. Therefore, the good beer is the most popular alcoholic drink among Germans. "Liquid gold" is particularly popular with men, regardless of whether it is a bottom-fermented beer such as Pils, Export or Bock or a top-fermented beer such as Kölsch, Alt or Weizen. Degree in summer, when it is a little warmer outside, a "cool blond" tastes particularly delicious after work. And one or the other refills their beer supply. But we have a good idea for those who are tired of lugging around the crate of beer and don't always want to run to the next beverage store. Brew your own beer. Here we provide you with some information on how to brew your own beer. On the following pages you will find what is required to produce a self-brewed beer, the individual steps of brewing and if you prefer a brewing course, we have exactly the right thing for you on the last page.

What do you need to make your own brewed beer?

  • Malt and hops,
  • Beer spindle (to measure the original gravity of the beer),
  • Brewer's yeast,
  • and a few drops of iodine for the iodine test.

How do you get such utensils? You can order the whole thing here as a package.

  • Two big buckets
  • a cooking thermometer,
  • an old sheet
  • a 20 liter canning or mulled wine pot
  • as well as 40 beer bottles with swing top (content 0.5 liters)

Once you have all the utensils together, brewing can begin

When you have collected all the utensils together, the beer brewing day can be selected. A home-brewed beer can be made within a few hours, but a free afternoon or a weekend day is more suitable for “novice brewers” ​​and the action can be tackled stress-free. Such a first attempt at brewing is best if you do it with a few buddies or good friends. A helper can't do any harm anyway, more cheerful hobby brewers certainly won't spoil the “broth”. But don't forget if your friends help to buy more beer, because unfortunately you cannot test your work on the brewing day itself, because it takes about three weeks until it is ready!
So now the preparation should be finished. Then brewing can start. On the next page you will find the brewing instructions!
We wish you every success and good luck with your first brewing attempt!

The steps of brewing

1. Grinding:

Approx. 10 kg of malt (germinated and dried grain) are required for 50 liters of beer.
For the brewing of our 20 l Pils beer you need about 6 kg of ground malt. The grain should be roughly chopped and not ground!

Info: If you like it a little stronger, you can add more malt. Because the more malt taken for brewing, the more alcohol or more quantity you get.

2. Mashing

To do this, you should heat the 20 liters of water to a good 65 ° C. Add the malt to the water, stirring constantly, and keep stirring. Always make sure that the temperature remains constant at 63 ° C.

In this step, the long-chain sugar is converted into short-chain sugar.

Tip: It is important that you can still stir the water-malt mixture and not burn it on the ground. You should heat the mixture to 71 ° C after 15 minutes and stir for another 15 minutes.

3. Iodine test

The iodine test provides information on whether sufficient starch has been converted into sugar during the so-called maltose rest. To do this, just put a few drops of the water-malt mixture on a small plate and add 3-4 drops of iodine.
If the sample turns blue: Do the enzymes still need something or have unfortunately already died
If the sample remains red or yellow: everything is OK and you can continue.

Now the whole thing is heated again to a maximum of 77 ° C while stirring. But please make sure that you do not heat the mixture above 78 degrees!

4. Purification

Pour the mash over a cloth or sieve. In this way the solid substances are separated from the liquid ones.

5. overshoot

Pour the max. 77 ° C warm water over the spent grains (the solid malt residues that have already been filtered). So these are washed out again (approx. 2-3 liters).

6. Measure the original wort

Now you should measure the original gravity with a beer spindle.

Note: As you have already found out on bier-enthaben.de, the original wort is not the alcohol content. Because the original wort describes the proportion of dissolved unfermented wort (of the malt).

Some examples of stem worts by type of beer:

  • Pils: approx. 11%
  • Export: approx. 12%
  • Bock: at least 16%

7. Possibly continue to “Overwrite

If the original wort does not yet have the appropriate value, the remaining extract substances must be washed out again with hot water (not above 77 ° degrees!). If the original wort is too high, the boiled water is frozen immediately and added at the end of the brewing process and thus "stretched".

8. Boil the wort

Now boil the wort for about 60 minutes. (at 100 ° degrees)

9. Hopping

The hops (the “yellow”) are added during the cooking process.

  • Pils: 10 g yellow (Alpha) per 100l
  • Wheat: 5 g yellow

An aromatic hop should be used as the hop. You should add this 30 minutes before the end of cooking.
If you like, you can split it up in 2 parts, once at the start of cooking and again about 10 minutes before cooking ends.

Danger: The amount of hops depends on the amount of beer!
If you want to add ice cubes at the end (as described in point 7) then you should first calculate the final amount. Pay attention to the “yellow” amount (alpha) for hops, this is given in percent.

So for a pilsner we need 10 grams of “yellow” for 100 liters. The final amount of beer should be 20 liters.
Therefore, 2 grams of “yellow” are required for our Pils during our brewing process.
In this case we have a hop with a “yellow” amount (alpha) of 6.7%. So there are 6.7 grams of “yellow” in 100 g of hops.
(100 grams / 6.7 grams x 2 grams = 29.86 grams)
So we add a total of 29.86 grams of hops. This contains 2 grams of "yellow".

10. Spindles

In order to determine the original wort content with the spindle, we need a small amount of the brew. Simply remove some brew with a ladle and cool to approx. 20 ° C. Then you can use the spindle to determine the original wort content.

Note: The spindle MUST be sterile. Either store in alcohol or boil. Please pay attention to!

11. Hot break removal

To do this, pour the brew back into a new container using a cloth. The "green" has to be filtered out. The brew should now look dark and clear.

12. Cool down

To cool the brew, it is best to put it in the bathtub and fill it with water.
As soon as the correct temperature of the brew corresponds to the yeast temperature, the yeast can be added:

  • Yeast temperature for Pils: 9 - 15 degrees
  • Yeast temperature for wheat / Kölsch / Alt: 18 - 24 degrees

Tip: If the original wort is too high, you can add ice cubes before the yeast. These cool the brew and lower the original gravity. But beforehand please calculate how many ice cubes have to be added in order to obtain the desired original wort.

Danger: The ice cubes must also be sterile. So freeze boiling water. This means that the ice cube trays are also sterile.


Amount of ice = (amount 1 x original wort 1 / original wort new) - amount 1
In our case we assume 16 liters of brew with an original wort of 15%.
The target original gravity is 12%. Amount of ice = (16 liters x 15% / 12%) - 16 liters = 4 liters
So we have to add 4 liters of ice and get a final amount of 20 liters.

13. Yeast

For 100 liters of beer we need 0.5 to 1 liter of thick yeast. 40 g of brewer's yeast (top-fermented) are sufficient. Now add this to the brew.

14. Main fermentation

Let ferment at the above yeast temperatures, i.e. 9-15 degrees Celsius for our Pils, until the spindle shows 4%.

Important: Anyone who fills the beer into the bottles too early risks them bursting.

15. Bottling

For the beer bottles, we recommend that you use resealable ones with a swing top. It is essential to clean them before filling and to sterilize them in the oven. Then fill the bottles with your beer and leave to stand at room temperature for about two weeks, then store in the refrigerator for another week.

Danger: The bottles should never be completely filled. This is how you prevent them from bursting!
Do you have any questions? Then just contact us at [email protected] or leave us a comment.

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Beer brewing course

If that was too theoretical for you, you should definitely take a brewing course. We have also already taken such a course. At that time we were in Oberhaching at Stadlbräu. The course is not only informative but also more than entertaining, even for non-beer drinkers! Instead of dry theory, the participants can look forward to happy hours in the master brewer's cellar, where beer is brewed together. You will learn personally from master brewer and owner Robert Prinz everything you always wanted to know about "beer" and the art of brewing. The physical well-being is taken care of, as well as the brewmaster's self-brewed beer enjoyment during the entire event!

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You can also give this course as a gift to friends and acquaintances. We already wish you a lot of fun with it. If you like, you can also leave us a comment after successfully participating.