How do two people start dating

Playing and dating

Playing and dating are social interactions between characters who have more or two full hearts and the player; in other words, the player has become his acquaintance. Play can be activated once a week. You can also only play with one player on a day.

With the abilityObsessed with contacts the player can do these interactions at the level colleague activate.

Game appointments and dates

After one has achieved the necessary relationship status, the interaction becomes Play or Make appointments activated. This interaction allows the player to choose a location (workshop, central square, peach plaza, bridge to Amber Island) and a time to be able to spend time alone with the character. The "game appointment" or "date" begins the next day within one hour before the selected start time.

During the selected time, the partner appears at the selected location and is indicated by the game icon shown on the map. During game time, some blue icons will appear on the map, representing places for activities; if you reach one of them, a dialog appears asking whether you want to do the corresponding activity.

During the game, action points are consumed when engaging in activities. In addition, the partner has an emotional barometer; bad feelings may result in premature abandonment. If you impress your partner, it increases again. A higher emotional barometer results in more relationship points at the end of the game.

The player can also end the game earlier by speaking to the partner and making the selection "end game time".

Romantic dates

After the player has successfully confessed his love, the interaction "Play" changes to Make appointments. Appointments are about exactly the same as gaming, only there are more activities to choose from and the icon on the map changes to a heart .

Action points

Action points are consumed based on the type of interaction used. When 50 or more mood points have been gained, an additional action point is added if two action points remain. If the player has reduced to three action points and then performs an activity that costs three action points, this bonus point can be skipped. The total number of action points can be increased by building the "Knowledgeable" skill, which adds a maximum of five additional action points.


balloon ride

Time: 07:00 - 21:00
Not available on rainy or snowy days

Available after the player completes the Balloon Strike mission. The balloon ride costs three action points and is triggered as soon as you step onto the balloon platform west of Sophie's farm. There are different routes:

While driving, the partner will ask the player if he can take photos of certain points. The player will get three bonus feeling points for each photo that meets the partner's requirements (the photo will be taken as soon as the point that the partner likes has a blue border). The player has the option to save or delete the photo.

When the ride ends, the player and their partner will arrive back at the balloon platform.

Balloon shooting

Time: 07:00 - 23:59
Main article: balloon shooting

The mini-game balloon shooting can be played in the far corner of the round table. Shooting once costs 30