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Willard wrote:

For an unknown reason, Donnie Darko is chosen to close an unstable tangent universe created by the time travel of the aircraft turbine. As a living receiver he is endowed with great strength, telekinesis and the power over fire and water, quasi a kind of superhero, and has to somehow "send back" the artifact from the future, the turbine, in order to close the unstable tangent universe. Otherwise the world will be destroyed after 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds, the point at which the turbine has traveled through the wormhole and thus through time in the future.

Since the living recipient must be aware that he is the chosen one (many greetings to Neo) he is given the opportunity to look into the future. The aim is for Donnie to understand the principle of time travel on the one hand, i.e. the emergence of the unstable tangent universe and the associated end of the world, and on the other hand, actions are directed in such a way that DD is ready to sacrifice himself to save the world and others from a terrible one To preserve fate.

At this point it should be mentioned: Donnie doesn't really travel through time at the end of the film. According to the physics teacher, this requires a metallic body and a wormhole. In my opinion, this is only the case with the turbine. Donnie, on the other hand, has the opportunity to see the future and recognize fate, basically God's master plan. According to DD, this is also a form of time travel.

The manipulated living unconsciously and the manipulated dead consciously help him to recognize this situation and to influence him so that he can fulfill his task.

With her book, Grandma Death draws his attention to the problem of time travel. She is supported by the physics teacher, who explains the requirements for time travel, wormhole and metallic bodies. Gretchen shows Donnie that knowing about the future can turn your fate and that of others around in a positive way.

But since it is not enough for Donnie to keep the end of the world in front of his eyes and he is not yet ready to sacrifice his life, he has to be convinced by other means. For example, Frank influences him to put the school under water, which gives him the opportunity to get to know Gretchen the next day. They fall in love and the whole thing ends with the tragedy that Frank runs over Gretchen and shoots Donnie Frank. Frank also gets DD to set fire to the house of the psycho guru. It turns out he has a child porn studio and he ends up in court. The trainer of the dance group, (Sparkle Motion) his biggest fan, cannot fly to the competition with Donnie's sister and the other girls because she has to go to the trial. Donnie's mother jumps in and is suddenly sitting in the death machine.

It is precisely through Frank's influence that many actions are triggered that conjure up an unpleasant future for some people. Gretchen dead, sister dead, mother dead and Frank (his sister's friend) dead. Frank also helps him to get to know his skills about water (school), fire (Guru's house) and metal (mascot).

Donnie can now prevent all events by, on the one hand, averting the end of the world and, on the other hand, saving the above-mentioned people from death ... and for this he only has to sacrifice his own life.

The sister will probably not sit in the machine either, because she will probably mourn after Donnie's death and will not take part in the dance competition. Since she plays a crucial role as a lead dancer, it is even likely that Sparkle Motion will not win at all and instead win Cherita Chan (the sad girl) and end up in the death machine (as a kind of release from her suffering - pretty mean).

After he closes the wormhole, the artifact remains, the only thing reminiscent of the Tangent Universe. Some of the manipulated living and dead also remember the averted events as a kind of dream. E.g. Frank holds his finger to his left eye in the final sequence. And also Gretchen and the therapist think about the events that did not happen when they wake up. Another indication is that Gretchen and the mother wave to each other at the end, although they do not know each other at all.

So ... this is my interpretation ... more about this under:


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