What was the second great awakening


YOU READ THIS BOOK BECAUSE YOU FEEL YOU ARE AWAKENING. "You read this book because you feel that you are awakening. You want to know whether everything is going right with your awakening. There has to be information about it somewhere, a kind of progress plan on which you can tick off the individual points. You are. You are part of this process. You get insights into realities that were previously closed to you. " The Arcturians are members of the cosmic family of humanity and help us to lift our vibration and that of our planet into the next higher dimension. You are talking about the ever stronger connectedness of all people, the meaning of the present moment, the energy of the New Earth, the healing of our soul and our creation process, the shedding of attachments and manipulation, silence and peace in us, the creation of our future selves, the growing connection to the source, the beauty of awakening and the impossibility for any human being not to awaken. With a list of questions "My awakening". Marlies Pante grew up in a small town in East Westphalia. After a commercial apprenticeship, she studied mathematics, German and theology and developed a form of quantum healing. At the same time an inner voice led her to contact with spiritual beings. Her books of messages from the Arcturians and Hathors are among the most important contributions to modern channeling literature.

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