What religion does Mike Pence believe in?

Mike Pence : The silent and radical US Vice President

The future Vice President of the USA is considered to be the calm, professional antithesis to Trump's heated derailments. Mike Pence, the rational one. He will bring his superior Donald Trump back to the ground if he flies too high, according to the consensus.

But Mike Pence has his own radical agenda. During his long political career, the arch-conservative politician fought bitterly against the rights of minorities. The LGBTQ community in the USA in particular has every reason to be concerned in the future.

Christian, Conservative, Republican

The 57-year-old served in the House of Representatives for Indiana for twelve years before being elected governor of the state in 2013. His faith has always played a major role in the life of the evangelical Christian. In an interview, Pence called himself Christian, Conservative, Republican - in that order. He apparently also sees his religion as an incentive in the fight against sexual minorities.

When Mike Pence was running for Congress in his political home, Indiana, in 2000, he was openly promoting anti-gay sentiment on his website. Under the heading “Strengthening American Families”, he campaigned against the equality of marriage and against the recognition of gays and lesbians as a minority, which must not be discriminated against by law.

He only wanted to continue to finance aid organizations that work for people with AIDS and HIV if this organization did not continue to celebrate and encourage “behavior” that favors the transmission of HIV. By this behavior he meant sex between men. In general, the money should better be used to support institutions that help people to change their sexual behavior, so it says in the election manifesto.

Conversion Therapy Supporters

Pence speaks of so-called conversion therapy, a form of psychotherapy that aims to transform homosexual people into heterosexual ones. It also often involves brutal methods such as electric shocks. This type of therapy is rejected by all serious psychiatric and psychological specialist societies because it is not only ineffective, but also psychologically harmful for those affected.

Depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide are often the consequences of those who are supposed to be forced to change their sexual orientation through this type of therapy. Practicing conversion therapy on minors is officially banned in five states in the United States, including California and New Jersey.

Mike Pence wanted to fund this type of violent re-education with taxpayers' money. To date, he has not made any statement as to whether he still takes this position. He never publicly distanced himself from this election platform. And his previous policy does not show any change of opinion.

Discrimination in the Name of Religion

In 2007, he voted against an anti-discrimination law in the workplace, arguing that protecting sexual minorities would limit the right to religious freedom in the workplace. According to Pence, everyone should have the right to discriminate against gays and lesbians in the workplace if they feel that their faith is disturbed by them.

As a result, he signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 2015, a law that allows businesses and individuals in Indiana to discriminate against anyone who violates their religious feelings. For example, it was about Christian bakers being allowed to refuse gay or lesbian couples in the name of their faith to bake them a wedding cake. After nationwide protests against the law, it was changed to provide more protection for LGBTQ people. Pence always defended his original law during the debate.

The future vice also voted against the cancellation of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". This military law practice stated that while homosexuals were allowed to serve in the US military, they could neither mention nor act out their sexual orientation. According to Pence's statement, the military should not become a place for social experiments. The recognition of trans * people in the US military initiated by Obama's Defense Secretary Ashton Carter should also not be on his line.

Pence also raised the mood against an initiative by President Obama that allowed trans * students in public schools to use the toilet that corresponds to their gender identity.

Against condoms, against abstinence

In addition to his tireless campaign against the rights of the LGBTQ community, Mike Pence is also one of the toughest anti-abortion opponents in the United States. In 2011 he made sure that Planned Parenthood, the American equivalent of Pro Familia, was withdrawn from all state support in Indiana. In an interview, he claimed that condoms did not protect against sexually transmitted diseases and saw abstinence until marriage as the only effective measure.

Pence is often overshadowed by the great populist Trump. But he is one of the most reactionary politicians in the US when it comes to the right to sexual self-determination. As an experienced vice-president of political newcomer Trump, he is likely to fall into a lot of power and influence during Trump's presidency. If Mike Pence manages to implement his inhuman views politically - as he did in Indiana - a dark age is dawning for queer people in the USA.

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