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5 tips what you can do with a virtual server

Virtual servers are very powerful hosting products that give you dedicated hardware resources. Nevertheless, for a long time Virtual Private Servers (VPS) were one thing above all else: a cost-effective alternative to "real" servers (root servers or dedicated servers). The catch with virtual servers were restrictions that resulted from the type of virtualization. VPS often use container virtualization, in which, for example, no other drivers can be loaded or in which no kernel compilations can be carried out. The container virtualization Docker, which is very popular with web developers, could not be used with it either. GoDaddy has therefore completely revised its VPS program and put it on a completely new OpenStack platform. The new VPS generation from GoDaddy is based on full KVM virtualization and thus offers you significantly more flexibility and performance at an extremely affordable price. In the following I would like to introduce you to five ways in which you can use your virtual server.


1. A powerful basis for content management systems such as WordPress

Many websites are based on content management systems (CMS). The texts and images on this website are managed via one or more databases. The advantage: with a CMS you can update your website quickly and easily and create new articles and pages. Websites can also be managed jointly with a CMS. The content of a CMS website is usually provided dynamically when the page is viewed. The more extensive the page is designed, the more performance is required to ensure that the page is loaded smoothly. Therefore, you should choose a high-performance hosting platform for a CMS website, such as a VPS hosting product.

On the ultra-fast VPS hosting with high-performance SSD hard drives from GoDaddy, you can install many content management systems directly with one click. These include popular applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Typo 3, Drupal, Contao and many others.

2. Make your virtual server a powerful mail server

Would you like to manage the e-mail traffic for your company centrally? Are you looking for an ultra-fast platform for your business e-mail campaigns? Then a GoDaddy Virtual Private Server is an excellent solution for you, as it offers an SMTP relay of 5,000. You can use the cPanel to set up e-mail accounts and e-mail addresses quickly and easily.

Auto configuration scripts are also available for the most popular mail clients.


3. With ownCloud your virtual server becomes cloud storage

Cloud services are a popular solution for storing and synchronizing data. But there is an excellent alternative to the paid services: With the free open source tool ownCloud, you can turn your virtual private server into your own cloud storage in next to no time. You only need a few steps for this.

  • Step 1 - Download ownCloud.
    You can find the download on the ownclowd website.
  • Step 2 - Start uploading the ownCloud files to your server. You can use convenient SFTP client software such as WinSCP for this.
    To download from WinSCP.
  • Step 3 - Create a new database on your virtual server.
  • Setp 4 - Start the setup of ownCloud with the help of the web installer and carry out the installation in the current web directory.
  • Step 5 - Create an administrator account, which you can use to create additional users and / or administrators later.


4. Set up development environments quickly and easily with Docker

GoDaddy's virtual private servers use full KVM virtualization, so you can easily use other virtualization solutions on these systems, such as Docker. Docker is an open source container virtualization software with which web applications can be provided very easily. All the necessary components can be packed in a container. In this way, applications can be very easily tested, duplicated - for example to create test environments - or even transported to another system.

Download from Docker.


5. Configure your own game server

Do you like playing the classic game Minecraft? Are you a fan of Counter-Strike? Or maybe you would like to experience the primeval times of the internet and immerse yourself in the world of retro games? A virtual server is an inexpensive way to host your own games and it gives you the opportunity to invite friends and acquaintances to play along.

For example, set up a family-friendly Minecraft server for you and your children. Customize the levels so your kids, friends and acquaintances can explore. Install TeamSpeak for real-time chat or develop your own multiplayer maps. A wide variety of games can be installed on the GoDaddy's Virtual Private Server and they offer you the performance you and your fellow players need for high-performance gaming enjoyment.

Minecraft Server as a free download can be found here, for example:


Do you want to know more? For more information on GoDaddy's Virtual Private Server, visit


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