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Is there any software that can play a subtitle file without a video file? [closed]

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My friend loves to stream movies over Netflix on her 360, and the problem with that is that Netflix doesn't usually provide subtitles or subtitles for anything other than foreign films. Some selected videos on their website are subtitled, but Xbox users are out of luck. Since I am hard of hearing, I cannot see the film.

Now I can sit in a corner where I can see both my laptop and the TV. I also know that a lot of movies have subtitles uploaded (probably illegal, but I blame Netflix fully for alienating the Deaf community).

With these two facts in mind, I came up with an idea for a program that would display subtitles on my screen while the movie was playing. I can't find anything that only plays subtitles (preferably in large text so I can see it clearly while watching TV).

Is there such a program?


You can install a subtitle editor like Aegisub. I use Aegisub to sometimes create subtitles and sometimes to preview subtitles with no video. I've never seen an entire movie worth of subtitles this way, so this may not be the most convenient option, but it could be something you could deal with.

With these steps, you can play subtitles without video in Aegisub.

  1. Open the SRT file in Aegisub. (If you have Aegisub associated with SRT files, you can simply double-click the SRT file in Explorer.)

  2. In Aegisub, select Video → Use Dummy Video. Enter a video size in pixels and choose a background color. You'll need to enter a duration in frames, but the result will be shown in hours: minutes: seconds so you can play around with the number of frames until you see that the time is equal to or greater than the length of the video you are be careful.

  3. Select Subtitles → Styles Manager. Under Current Script, highlight "Standard" and click Edit.

  4. The Style Editor box appears. You can change the font area, font size, margins and alignment.

    • If you position the laptop below your view of the TV, you may want to align the subtitles to the top of the laptop screen (orientation 8) so that you don't have to look too far away from the TV to read the subtitles.

    • When you find a number of style options you like, you can use the Styles Manager Save Options to save them for later use.

  5. Select Video → Split Video and maximize the new video window. There are still a few toolbars at the edge of the video, but most of the editor functions are hidden by these. It will look something like this:

You can use Movie Maker to create a blank video that is longer than the longest movie you want to watch, save it in the smallest possible compression size, and then use VLC to play both the blank video and the subtitle file of the movie you see (although you need to start the blank video within a few seconds of the movie starting). You can then use VLC's options to increase the size of the subtitles.

For instructions on using external subtitle files with VLC, see the video how-to page

There is a program called DVDSub (in Czech, distributed under GPL license, encoded in Visual Basic), a simple program for Play subtitles without video . You should try.

Program homepage
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