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We have decided to make our portal available free of charge until the end of this school year during the currently very challenging time of Corona. After all, right now it is important to stick together and support the students, teachers and parents together
Markus Fischer, managing director of chabaDoo

Vienna (OTS) - Upper Austria EduTech Startup chabaDoo has a solution for homeschooling in times of Corona and after

What is currently moving everyone: homeschooling. And the new way of learning will be with us for some time to come - equally demanding for students, teachers and parents. A good digital learning platform is essential for learning to work at a distance. In Upper Austria, the EduTech start-up chabaDoo has been working successfully for 3 years to make the challenges of digital and independent learning as easy as possible.

chabaDoo, founded in 2018, stands for a modern, digital learning platform. It is developed by 15 experts in close contact with teachers and students. 15 schools and thus around 500 students and 130 teachers have been working actively and very successfully with the digital learning platform from chabaDoo for a good year and a half.

Not subjects, but learning paths convey the learning material in the chabaDoo portal. After consultation with the teachers, the students can start the learning process individually, adapted to their level of knowledge and their personal learning speed. These learning routes are not collections of links as they are often known from learning platforms. For different school levels and types of schools (NMS / AHS and HAS / HAK, more to follow) there are already finished content, exercises, explanations and playful elements. ChabaDoo developed these in "writing camps" together with teachers and educators. This finished course content can be adapted and individualized at any time. In the same way, completely new content and learning routes can also be created.

Educators and students who are already using chabaDoo don't want to be without it anymore. “The teachers feel they are in good hands with us,” says Markus Fischer, founder of chabaDoo, “Our solution supports them in making their lessons quick and easy. They also emphasize that thanks to the portal they will find time again to be educators. And the students always look surprised because we have tailored the portal to their needs! " Direct feedback to learners about how well they solved a task is also an important element.

The switch to homeschooling, as a result of the current school closings, has been very easy for those who are already using chabaDoo. It was just a change of place, so to speak. The basic pillars for digital learning were already in place and the students were already familiar with independent learning. Of course, it is also an advantage that the classes are all appropriately equipped. Every student has their own chabaDoo laptop. An important prerequisite for being able to act and learn and to be able to make good contact as a teacher and student, as we now know.

In the last few weeks, chabaDoo has been working at full speed again so that its portal is available beyond the previous schools to everyone who currently has an urgent need for a well-thought-out learning platform. , says Markus Fischer, founder and managing director of chabaDoo. Free access at:

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