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Building, constructing, planning and designing: In the Civil Engineering & Architecture department you will find courses from architecture to urban planning.

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A degree in civil engineering and architecture

Whether in the city or in the country. Civil engineers are needed almost everywhere and always have their fingers in the game when it comes to building or designing. You are responsible for the active design of our living space. Of course, there is not only one occupation of civil engineer. Rather, the department is divided into many sub-areas that deal with the different challenges of various fields of application.

The basic requirement for taking up a degree in civil engineering is an enthusiasm for technology and the natural sciences. At the same time, some courses such as architecture, interior design or landscape architecture require a high degree of creativity, talent for drawing and spatial imagination. If you are interested in studying sustainable construction, geotechnics, civil engineering or building protection, you should ideally have a strong awareness of current global problems and be interested in working on their solutions. Because here, above all, issues such as climate protection, resource conservation and sustainability are of great concern.

Career & Salary

Almost all occupations in the field of civil engineering are very promising and future-oriented in terms of job opportunities, because in addition to the fact that the increasing number of the world's population is unmistakable and the need for living space is increasing accordingly, the ecological requirements for buildings of all kinds are also increasing. Civil engineers find employment in civil engineering companies, companies for precast parts and building materials, companies in the transport industry and construction software companies. Graduates of a course in the field of architecture have the opportunity to work in building management, town planning, monument preservation, with redevelopment agencies or in architecture and planning offices.

The salary range for occupations in civil engineering and architecture is broad and must be calculated taking into account many factors such as age, work experience, gender, industry and company size. The following table contains an exemplary list of salaries for individual occupations in the field of civil engineering and architecture:

activityBranchGender and ageCompany sizeGross salary / month
Civil engineer, structural engineer, geotechnicianconstructionm, 50 yearsvery large7.964€
Electrician, energy and building technicianElectrical engineeringm, 30 yearssmall2.245
ArchitectPharmaw, 49 yearsmedium3.232€
Interior designerEngineering officew, 25 yearsmedium1.783€
Landscape architectPharmaw, 30 yearslarge4.364€
Urban plannerPublic administration, authoritiesm, 48 yearslarge7.440€

Company size: 1-20 employees = small | 21-100 employees = medium | 101-1,000 employees = large | > 1,000 employees = very large