Which bestselling authors have ghostwriters?

Ghostwriting: your own book without stress

How to stress-free a book by letting it be written. From bestselling author Michael Kaindl.

Our customers are entrepreneurs, coaches, doctors, marketing experts and much more. They all use their own book as a powerful one Marketing tool.

Often they have these guides, non-fiction or self-help books written by ghostwriters who remain completely in the background.

This is how you benefit from your own book

  • As a book author, you position yourself as an expert, authority and influencer in your field.

    This gives you a much more independent status and gives you more trust from potential customers.

    Your competence as a book author gives you a noticeable advantage over your competition.
  • Use your book as a customer gift (or as a discounted customer copy) to gain more reach and attention and win new customers through sales on Amazon and Co.
  • Selling your book generates independent and completely passive income.

    Your royalties are noticeably higher than with a publisher's publication.

Advantages of ghostwriting

  • You position yourself as an expert in your field by writing your own book without stress and paperwork. As an employee, you can use it to push your career along the way
  • Your status as a book author ensures more trust among your customers and also makes you attractive for invitations to lectures and publications.

    This gives you a noticeable advantage over your colleagues
  • You will be noticed by potential customers through listing and sales on Amazon and Co.

    In addition, selling your book generates independent and completely passive income.
  • You can also use your book as a (discounted) customer copy, sell it on your company website or when you give lectures as a book author

Process and workflow in ghostwriting

  1. You tell the ghostwriter your topic or your title and the desired scope of your book and also state your special wishes and criteria.
  2. You will receive a cost estimate and ideally you can start with a test chapter at low cost and without great risk. Only when the test has convinced you, do you order the entire book.
  3. The ghostwriter creates the entire book and coordinates with you again and again.

Michael Kaindl is the author of the Amazon bestseller Writing a book - becoming a bestseller with a system (together with Jeannette Zeuner) and has written and published numerous other books as an author, ghostwriter and under a pseudonym.

He learned his trade from scratch - at that time still in normal publishing houses - and has many years of consulting experience as a publishing service provider.

In addition to his work as a writer, he also works as a mentor for other book authors and is a guest lecturer at the Department of Psychology at the Technical University of Munich.