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Staff restructuring

Sparkasse with approx. 1,200 employees

Tougher competitive conditions, the ongoing low interest rate policy, advancing digitization and new regulatory requirements are forcing many credit institutions to restructure in order to survive on the market. In the present case study, the adjustment to the changed framework conditions was accompanied by a staff restructuring. Not an easy task for the Sparkasse, as it is deeply rooted in the region and with the people.


Financial institution with around 3,000 employees

Due to indebtedness, our customer has been forced to avail of extensive rescue packages and government aid since the financial crisis. The distribution of the funds by the EU Commission was linked to the implementation of an extensive restructuring package. In addition to the outsourcing of assets and the structural realignment, the package also included a major downsizing.

Transfer company

Technical service provider with approx. 350 employees

Against the background of the subdued business development, our customer decided to realign it in order to continue to exist in the market. The associated reduction in the previous business areas made it necessary to restructure the company. In order to ensure the future viability of an affected location, a workforce reduction was inevitable. Since the costs had to be drastically reduced within a very short time, it was decided to set up a transfer company.

Matching procedure

Financial institution with around 2,000 employees

In the course of a radical restructuring and streamlining of processes, our customer was forced to make extensive personnel savings (800 positions were cut within two years). Before the start of the renovation, it was decided to carry out a matching process. The aim of this comparison was, on the one hand, to find those employees whose wish to leave the company coincides with that of the company. On the other hand, the specification of timelines ensured that the tasks of the individual employees were completed by the defined point in time and thus the business capability of the company was guaranteed even during the restructuring.

Press HR management

Downsizing is hitting those affected hard. The remaining employees also need a perspective. Nevertheless, strategic errors in communication are the order of the day. What is important when preparing the talks.

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Many companies are threatened with layoffs. Not only those affected suffer from it. A termination interview is also one of the most difficult tasks for managers. A guide on how the separation can succeed with Anja Schauenburg.

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Press HBM Special 2020

In the current issue of Harvard Business Manager Spezial, Anja Schauenburg talks about the courage that everyone involved in separation situations has to muster and about her personal experiences as those affected by staff restructuring.

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Event Turnaround Congress 2021

Anja Schauenburg will speak about “Transfer and Qualification” at the Turnaround Congress 2021 on June 24th and 25th, 2021 in Königswinter. All further information about the congress and the program can be found on the event page.

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