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What should I wear? - Styling tips for different figures: the banana

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  The banana figure is an androgynous type of woman and is characterized by few feminine curves.

The banana figure has a lot of advantages and also some disadvantages, but both can be wonderfully combined with one another optimal look comes out of it and one supports one with the other in a helpful way.

Since the banana type is a rather androgynous type of woman and shows itself through a few feminine curves, you can conjure it up with chic tops that conjure up more fullness with color accents on the chest, for example. The colors can stand out and be strong, there can also be patterned inserts, because the stronger the color, the fuller the bust appears. To emphasize the waist, the T-shirts can calm you down waisted cut exhibit. However, tops that are too short should be avoided. Fitted blouses that come with a small collar are provided, are very beneficial and support the feminine look. A wider belt also ensures a slim wasp waist and makes your boyish hips look a little more feminine.

Enviable long slender legs

The H-type or also banana type is with endlessly long legs equipped and slim too. But so that a little bit of the bottom comes into its own, skirts and pants are the ones cut a little further are very beneficial. For example, so-called Chinos the slim waist and make a nice bottom. Also trousers and especially jeans large back pockets ensure a well-shaped bottom and make it a little more conspicuous and make it an eye-catcher. With the matching skirts, like one Bell skirt or one Ball skirt, the feminine curves are also emphasized.

Magic something with the right accessories

There is no need to be stingy with jewelry. Colorful scarves and conspicuous Chains emphasize that femininity. With a Push up bra the bosom is also conjured up by one size. Everything that highlights the cleavage is allowed in the chest area. A large shoulder bag ensures slightly wider hips. It is therefore important to have a lot in the banana figure accessories in the Cleavage and in Area of the hips to combine.

Flat shoes create a feminine look

A pair of ballerinas is a must-have for the banana figure.

The shoes should be quiet, but noticeable flat, because the rather lanky banana type is underlined with high heels. The shoes can have accessories, for example grind or Piping and also the Colours can intensive and be strong. A Pair of ballerinas should also be in the closet of a woman with a banana figure - the more conspicuous the patterns and colors of the ballerinas, the better. To look even more elegant, you can also wear ballerinas with a small heel.


The right business look for the banana figure

In order to be well-styled in the workplace at the same time, we also have a few tips for that Styling in the office. With the banana figure, it is important to conjure up feminine curves through clothing. Therefore, the same principle applies to the work outfit. You can emphasize the narrow center of the body with fitted clothing, such as fitted blouses, jackets, and dresses. You can also join in at work without hesitation Colors playto make her look more lively. You can't go wrong with a skirt at work. For the banana figure are those Bell skirt and the Ball skirt advantageous. You can also play with the colors here, but it also depends on the situation. If it's a serious meeting with a client, you can just have one solid color skirt with a livelier blouse combine.

The perfect swimwear for the banana type

Triangle tops are beneficial for the banana figure.

Because the banana figure dominant shoulders has a bikini top with wide straps recommendable. The known Triangle tops are beneficial for this physique as they are best suited to women with smaller breasts. To put the décolleté in the limelight, the bikini with the Push-up effect. The banana type has endlessly long and slim legs and bottom and hips often have little feminine curves. Therefore, when choosing a bikini, you should make sure that you show off your buttocks to their best advantage. A Bikini briefs is a good choice as a base, because this panty shape emphasizes the hips and makes them appear wider. Besides, this is Panty bikini is also suitable for the banana figure, as it also makes the hips appear wider and more dominant. Suitable colors and patterns for the banana figure are the diagonal color or pattern runs, as they bring the breasts and hips into a good light.


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