What annoys conservatives about some other conservatives

"Do you speak German!"

This is called "strong stuff": Jens Spahn, 37 years old, CDU politician with strictly conservative views, has recently given information about his observations in the young trendy districts of Berlin. There are more and more English-speaking "hipsters" to be found there who consciously cut themselves off from other people, in fact, forming something like "parallel societies". In a guest article in the weekly magazine "Die Zeit", Spahn wrote that sometimes it is no longer possible to order something in German: "Everyone who cannot keep up with the easyJet generation is left out." In some restaurants it is no longer even necessary to have German-language menus ready.

"Provincial self-dwelling"

And the worst thing for Spahn is Germans who take part in order to emphasize their internationality. "It gets particularly bizarre when I hear the guest and the waiter talking in English in a hip 'location' - but both have a bold German accent." Spahn describes this as "provincial self-dwelling" - in the middle of the big city. His conclusion: "We rightly demand that migrants complete the German courses in order to integrate. Meanwhile, the big cities are switching to English in a hipster fashion and thus isolate themselves from the average consumer."

Controversial fighter for the German language: Jens Spahn (CDU)

Small, successful companies in the province

Hipster stands for young, successful, mostly unattached cosmopolitans, mostly multilingual. But for Spahn they are not the carriers of economic success in Germany. Rather, these are smaller companies outside of the big cities: "Here you can find solid, medium-sized companies that are extremely successful internationally. It may surprise you: But there are these small towns in Hesse, in the Black Forest or in the Münsterland, mine Home, where people often think, manage or trade in a really cosmopolitan way. "

"Jensspahn would appreciate too!"

So much willingness to fight for the German language did of course not go unnoticed on social media. On Twitter, quite a few of those who apparently see themselves as hipsters responded to Spahn's provocations. "I already spoke English to someone my age today. I hope @jensspahn doesn't scold me," it says. And the Ministry of Finance also took the discussion, in which Spahn works as parliamentary state secretary, with humor. "Hello Hipsters, come join us for our open day. Jensspahn would appreciate it too". Translated: "Hello hipsters, take part in our open day. Jens Spahn would also welcome that."

Spahn - actually a hipster!

That is not so unlikely. Because, on the one hand, Spahn is a very conservative young man who knows few fears. Two years ago he criticized the open refugee policy of his party leader, Chancellor Angela Merkel - as one of the few CDU politicians. On the other hand, Spahn could even be described as a hipster himself: He speaks English very well, has two academic degrees and completed the "Young Leader Program" of the American Council on Germany. And not a few rely on Spahn if the CDU has to reinvent itself at some point after the Merkel era.